AARP Medical Alert Systems: A Trusted Name

Before we discuss AARP medical alert systems, it may be of benefit to know who and what AARP actually is. It is important to know why we should take note of AARP medical alarms reviews and also why we should do some research on AARP medical alert systems when we are trying to decide on which medical alarm to acquire for ourselves or for our loved ones.

AARP was formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons, but changed its name to AARP to denote that it does not only serve those who are retired, but anyone over fifty. It is, according to its mission statement, “a non-profit, nonpartisan membership organization for people age 50 and over … dedicated to enhancing quality of life for all as we age.” It was founded in 1958 by a retired educator from California, Ethel Percy Andrus, PhD, who was based in Washington at the time.

AARP does non-profit advocacy for its members and is one of the most powerful lobbying groups in modern-day America. AARP consists of two organizations which are affiliated; AARP Services Inc. is managed for-profit and the AARP Foundation which is non-profit. AARP Services Inc. renders quality control over services and products provided by AARP-endorsed suppliers. It is because of this quality-control that we know that AARP medical alert systems are the best.

If you are thinking about investing in a medical alert system or a personal emergency response system, then you can do no better than AARP Medical Alarms, as you can be guaranteed that they have been thoroughly checked for reliability and service. AARP medical alarms reviews offer great information on the different types of systems which are available, and are well worth researching.

Tips On How To Choose The Best Medical Alarm System

Before making a decision as to which system to invest in, it will definitely pay you to bear some of the following in mind:

  • Do research on various medical alarm systems and find out which of them are recommended as AARP medical alert systems. This information will appear on the AARP website and on the website of the individual company.
  • Speak to friends and family about their experiences and ask them for advice.
  • Compare the types of medical alarms, and costs of the packages that are offered by various medical alarm companies.
  • Read the fine print in the contract, and make sure that you understand everything; if there is anything that you are unsure of, ask questions.
  • Check whether the equipment is sold to you or is just on hire.
  • Check the cancellation period and procedure and make sure that you understand it.
  • Check whether your insurance or Medicare covers the medical alarm devices; most of them do not.
  • Ensure that the company offers 24/7 monitoring and customer-care, and that there call centre is always staffed.
  • Make sure that the company is Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) listed.

Never allow yourself to be pressurized into buying a personal emergency response system. There are many alarm companies who use very aggressive sales pitches to sell their systems, and they have often been accused of taking advantage of the elderly by using strong-arm tactics and bullying them into buying systems that are not right for their circumstances. Companies which market AARP medical alert systems are never sold this way; the staff are courteous and will take the time to explain everything in detail.

AARP does a lot of advocacy work in order to assist those over 50 to improve their quality of life. Part of this work is to review many different products and services that are used by the over 50s. One of the products/services that it reviews is the personal emergency response system or medical alarm system. AARP medical alarms reviews are very informative and can be relied on to provide truthful and unbiased feedback, unlike so many of the reviews that are to be found on the internet which are written by the companies themselves or writers who are paid to write good reviews.

AARP Medical Alarms are systems which have been checked by AARP and found to be the best. Many of these companies offer discounts to AARP members. Due to the fact that AARP claims in excess of 40 million members, it is one of the largest membership organizations in the United States, which makes it very powerful. Companies that are endorsed by AARP make sure that they continue to provide the best quality and service in order to retain that favorable review.

Various Medical Alert Systems

ADT AARP Medical Alarms

  • An AARP affiliate with ADT Companion Service®, this is a personal emergency response system on which substantial discounts are offered to AARP members.
  • The personal emergency button is housed in either a waterproof pendant or wristband.
  • The button is connected to a monitoring centre, and when pushed in an emergency connects the wearer to an ADT professional via a two-way intercom.
  • If you cannot speak to the person on the other end, they will automatically send emergency help.
  • The help button has a range of approximately 300 feet, so can even be used out of door in the garden.
  • Temperature sensors on the base station will monitor extreme changes in temperature and send and transmit an alert if unsafe temperatures are detected.
  • An automatic test reminder light will come on every thirty days to remind you to test the medical alert system.

Life Alert AARP Medical Alarms

  • As the creator of the infamous “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” advertisements, it is no wonder that Life Alert is one of the AARP medical alert systems that are still favored by many.
  • Life Alert Emergency Response is a medical alert system which works by a button being pushed in the case of an emergency and help being sent
  • The Life Alert Classic plan is a popular plan which the majority of members say allows them to remain in their own homes for longer.
  • This is a total plan which offers 24/7 protection against fire (monitored smoke alarms), carbon monoxide poisoning (monitored CO alarms), and medical emergencies.
  • Life Alert also offers a special 911 emergency phone which requires one large button to be pushed to access a 911 operator. The phone has nationwide coverage, never needs charging and whose batteries last between 7 and 10 years.

MobileHelp AARP Medical Alarms

  • The Anywhere Help Button is a PERS service which works inside and outside of the home. There is virtually no limit to the range of the button, unlike most systems which have a maximum range of approximately six hundred feet.
  • You do not require a land line to use MobileHelp.
  • You are not bound for years by a contract.
  • The Duo System is two systems in one, and comprises of a Base Station & Mobile Device, Wrist Button and/or Neck Pendants, and a local 24/ 7 Emergency Monitoring Service. It enlarges the sound and voice coverage in your home and works inside the home and outside the home via Cellular/GPS Tracking,
  • The Solo System has the privilege of being the only complete system which can work in a home without the need for a land line. It consists of a mobile device, base station, cradle charger, leather pouch, and two wrist buttons and/or neck pendants or one of each. The mobile works in the home and outside via Cellular/GPS Tracking.
  • The Classic System is a standard home-based system and comes with a base station and two wrist buttons and/or neck pendants or one of each. This system can be upgraded to the DUO System.
  • MobileHelp also offers caregiver tools, which means that as soon as the operator has sent help in response to the emergency, they will contact a family member via telephone, SMS or e-mail, send a map of where the person with the emergency is located, and provide hospital information if applicable.

Senior Safety AARP Medical Alarms

  • The CEO was one of the pioneers of the medical alarm industry and has more than 30 years experience in the trade.
  • In excess of 45 000 happy clients over the years.
  • Listed as a resource for PERS in AARP’s “My Generation” magazine and their online magazine in 2002 and 2003.
  • Senior Safety was Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
  • There are no contracts and you can cancel your service at any time.
  • There are no additional charges to monitor a spouse.
  • There is no medical alert equiptment to buy, and no set-up, activation or cancellation fees.
  • The service includes highly-trained locally based monitoring center operators on duty 24/7.
  • Monitoring centers are UL listed.

So, whichever system you choose for yourself or your loved one, make sure that it is one of the recommended AARP medical alert systems, that it offers you everything you need a service to deliver, that it is UL listed, and that whoever is going to be using the system knows exactly how to use it and is comfortable with it, otherwise they will not use it and the money and good intentions will just have been wasted.


  1. Junior Fore says:

    We have been receiving calls, several per day that say they are Senior Life Alert, AARP. I have told you every time that we are not interested. Today I got the callers employee #148. He was very rude and said he did not have a supervisor. I traced the call and it was from a cell phone #914-826-7782 registered in Dobbs Ferry, NY, Westchester Zone 4. We are on the Government Do Not Call list and do update every 6 months to keep active. I am reporting this call if I do not here a response with 48 hours. Thanks.

  2. What are the prices on these medical/life alert systems? Some of us are limited as to the amount we can pay.

    Thanks, R

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