ADT Companion Service Review – Medical Emergency Monitoring from Security Specialists

Most people are familiar with ADT security services as they’re one the oldest in the market (and are the largest security company in the world), but in 2004 they decided to expand on their range of services and delve into the medical alarm systems field. Although their service is not at the top of the alert system market, they still offer a very impressive package every bit worth your consideration.

With a rich heritage in the security business, and thus a trusted name by the public, ADT no doubt makes for a solid choice for anyone looking for in-home medical monitoring from a secure and dependable company.

In many medical alert cases, looking at the variety of top trusted brands, it’s easy to see or differentiate between them due to what they offer (or invariably don’t). Some stand out because they have something others don’t, while others are more of the all-rounder types that tend to cover all the bases well. When it comes to ADT though, it’s hard to see where their service really stands out from the rest. Sure enough they warrant their place in the top ten of medical alarm systems, but if there’s one area they lack, it’s in providing that one major feature (at least) that no one else does. With that said though, pairing the trusted brand of ADT, and their excellent equipment, with some top quality and really comprehensive customer service, sufficiently makes for an appealing service.


The ADT Companion Service does have a few conditions to purchasing and installing their device, so the customer should be very certain that this is in fact the product they are dead set on since the ‘no cancellation fee’ clause doesn’t apply. The reason for this is because they have a mandatory one year long contract that each client enters into upon purchasing their service.

Installation itself also comes with a fee; ADT offers an optional service of having a qualified technician install the device (though the fee applies either way). A positive though is that they deliver the equipment to your home free of charge, but interesting to note is that the overall activation fee is quite steep, well beyond that of their monthly premiums of $34.95.

Monitoring Features

The ADT console offers all the essential features you’d really need from a medical alert system, which of course include the customary waterproof pendant button, lifetime warranty, the obligatory back-up console battery (with up to 20 hours of battery life), two way communication, wristband availability and an illuminated help button.

One of the most important features on any medical alarm system is the devices console to pendant range, which for the ADT Companion Service stands at just 300 feet – satisfactory for some, but well short of the industry average.

The two items that are not on ADT’s features list is a multilingual service (strange since ADT is so prevalent around the world) and a pendant with the capability to answers phone calls. There’s also a slight snag when it comes to the wristband panic button option, which will be explained later.

Needless to say that when you employ a world renowned security company (proficient in monitoring all sorts of things); it inevitably instils a sense of calm and peace of mind to know that your loved one is in very capable hands. ADT Companion Service may not be the most recognizable name in medical alert systems, but their parent company ADT does have an impressive and persuasive pedigree.

Additional features

Being the world’s largest security company has its benefits, though that doesn’t mean every product they produce or service they provide is necessarily the best. In the case of ADT’s additional features, they only have two to speak of, that being an additional help button and a check-in service. Customers will have to ascertain whether or not they’ll be comfortable without certain handy features like a lock box (unless of course the specified emergency contact has a spare house key) or fall detection. Many will regard the waterproof pendant as sufficient cover for the lack of a bathroom mounted panic button since the user will invariably carry the button with them at all times.

Thus, the buyer of the ADT Companion Service will no doubt be a particular type of person who knows exactly what they want and need as it pertains to their loved one.

Customer service

As a medical alarm systems provider, ADT Companion Service has only been around for the past seven years, and in that time, whatever shortcomings they may have in terms of their device or installation policies, they sure make up for it in customer service. ADT offers all you’ll ever need or want in an emergency monitoring service, providing all access to your account, be it online access or simple email notifications. They are also UL certified, thus offering peace of mind that their equipment is top quality and very reliable.

ADT offers a full 24 hour monitoring capability backed by four different monitoring facilities around the country – an advantage gained from being the world’s biggest security company. Part of their service includes the availability of 24 hour technical support and a toll free number for any queries.

Customer alterations to their account payment plans can also be made online; including resolving a simple thing like a change of address, making their service, once activated, very user friendly.

ADT Companion Service comes across as a very transparent service where customers are welcome to download a brochure from the company website to further enlighten them on any features, and for any unanswered questions there’s always the availability of the FAQS service. These are of course necessary to ensure that each customer is satisfied with what they’re receiving prior to entering into the one year contract.

What are the Pros and Cons of ADT Companion Service?


  • The option of an installation technician to install the device
  • ADT Companion Service is a relatively new medical alert service though its parent company, or umbrella corporation ADT Security Services has a long and proud history, giving them unquestionable monitoring capabilities
  • The ADT console has a unique temperature sensitive feature which detects whether the temperature is nearing extremes and notifies the monitoring facility accordingly – this feature works well in extreme weather conditions or in the event of a fire emergency (if there is one feature they have that no else does – this is it)
  • ADT offers excellent customer service with many open 24 hour communication avenues, and personal account access
  • They offer 24/7 technical support
  • The ADT Companion Service monitoring facility carries out a monthly test of their equipment to maintain a stable link between your in-home console and their monitoring station
  • ADT possesses UL certification for their equipment
  • there are discounts available for those who purchase the service


  • Not only is there a prerequisite activation fee, but it is in fact quite a hefty one
  • The absence of fall detection, which, although only available in one other medical alert system brand, is a feature gaining increasing attention by customers
  • Due to the fact that purchasing the ADT Companion Service means entering a mandatory one year long contract, there is no cancellation prospects
  • The bellow average transmitter range of only 300 feet; but of course when purchasing a service such as this, the transmitter strength is governed by the needs of the customer, so individuals will need to establish what distance/radius is suitable for their personal arrangement
  • ADT does not offer additional features like voice extenders, a lock box or a hallway mounted panic button
  • The wristband panic button is not included in the main package but instead needs to be purchased separately; alternatively, customers need to choose between a wristband or pendant panic button
  • There are no advance payment discounts for the service
  • some services offer an activity or motion monitoring service which requires the user to check-in every twenty four hours to ensure that they’re fine and active – ADT does not offer this


Despite being one of the world’s leading security companies as well as the oldest, with a sterling reputation in their primary field, there are still a few issues with their medical alarm service which may turn away some customers. As you may have noted there is a considerable list of negative points, all of which can largely be regarded as minor in the greater scheme of things (though many small things do add up). ADT Companion Service still offers a very competent and helpful service, one that does the necessary job very well, backed by a very capable company and four monitoring facilities.

If you’re set on this brand as your choice though, you can rest assured as they have a growing reputation with professional installation, monitoring services and technical support, as well as very helpful customer services.

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