Alarmforce’s Alarmcare Review

Alarmforce’s Alarmcare is an AlarmCare Help Button which is designed as an elderly medical alert to help the elderly remain independent and living in their own homes for far longer, as they can summon help at the push of a button should there be an emergency. The pendant can be worn by anyone though, not just the elderly.

All one need to do is to push the button on the emergency pendant and this will immediately send a signal to the AlarmForce Central Monitoring Station and put you in touch with someone on the other end via the 2-way voice response. Your emergency contacts will be notified of the situation immediately, and if there is no response from your side AlarmCare will send immediate help in the form of an ambulance, neighbor, family member, or friend and will stay on the line until help arrives.

AlarmForce is a publicly traded company, is listed on the TSE and has serviced in excess of 250,000 families since 1988. It has offices from coast to coast and does not make us of third-party dealer programs; you will always speak directly to an AlarmCare employee. I have found their employees to always be courteous, knowledgeable and helpful, and the fact that there is another voice on the other side is extremely comforting.

Product Range

Alarmforce’s Alarmcare is an Elderly Medical Alert system, or 24-hour Alarm Monitoring System which consists of a lightweight waterproof personal pendant, and a 2-Way Voice communicator unit. The pendant contains a button which can be pushed in case of emergency, and this puts one in instant voice-contact with an Alarmforce employee who will dispatch the necessary assistance immediately whilst remaining on the phone with you.

The personal pendant is waterproof so it can be worn even when in the shower or bath, and it has an extended range, which means that help can be summoned no matter where you are in your home.

Product Features

AlarmForce has been a trusted leader for Personal Emergency Response System security throughout North America for more than 20 years. Alarmforce’s Alarmcare Emergency Pendant has some unique features that make it the best choice for peace of mind:

  • Medical Records – AlarmCare keeps your vital health information on file, which means that as soon as an emergency call is received, you information is retrieved by the highly-trained operator, who will then pass the information on to the medical authorities. This ensures that there are no delays in the attending physician or emergency medical personnel accessing what may be vital life-saving information on your medical history.
  • Supervision – Something that gives me utter peace of mind and confidence in the AlarmCare Senior Alarm System is the fact that the system is fully supervised; the pendant and system are constantly in communication with the AlarmForce Central Monitoring Station, which means that they constantly monitor that the system is fully operational. They even contacted me to warn me that the battery in my aunt’s pendant was getting low and arranged for a replacement battery for her – now that is service with a smile!
  • Unique Smart Pendants – The emergency pendant is what is known as a smart-pendant, because each one sends a unique signal to the AlarmForce Central Monitoring Station. This is great as it means that more than one person on the same property can have their own personal pendant without the fear that signals will get mixed up, which could lead to complications when accessing medical information.
  • Voice Prompts – One of my favorite features of this system has to be the pendant actually notifies one with clear voice-prompts if there is any problem with the pendant or the system. This really allows me to relax, as it means I do not constantly need to worry whether the pendant or system is working or not. The system advises one of a low battery, or if the phone line is down, and at the press of a button on the system one can check the status of the unit.
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol – Alarmforce’s Alarmcare system can also be used over a high-speed internet connection, if one is looking for a lower cost phone service option, but this is not recommended as this may prevent your system from communicating with the monitoring station. The VoIP service is only as dependable as your internet connection, which can experience network outages or be affected by power failures; due to this fact many VoIP providers dissuade their clients from using VoIP for PERS systems. AlarmCare does not recommend installing the AlarmCare system if you are using VoIP as your primary telephone service.


AlarmForce provides free installation and activation in areas that are currently serviced by them and where AlarmForce installers are situated. Installations in cities outside of these means that your AlarmCare system will have to be shipped to you and this will incur a $69 Outside Area Shipping Fee.

A simple phone call to the office will get you installation assistance and answers to any questions you may have about how to use the system, from friendly, well-trained and patient staff. I went this route when purchasing my aunt’s system, and can commend the personnel on wonderful service.


Alarmforce’s Alarmcare system comes with a free lifetime warranty, and they do not charge for labor or replacement parts or equipment. They manufacture, install, service, and monitor the equipment themselves, and all AlarmCare personnel are company employed & extensively trained. I love this, as it means that I do not need to worry that I will not be able to get a replacement part or that I will have to fork out hundreds of dollars should there be a problem with my aunt’s service.


Alarmforce’s Alarmcare system offers a 24-hour complete protection package for the very affordable fee of only $28 per month. This means that you can have complete peace of mind about your elderly relative for a mere $336 per annum.

There is no installation fee, no activation fee, and the system comes with a full lifetime warranty. There is no annual contract, which means that you can use the system for as long as you need it and cancel if it is not required any longer. Termination of the service is as simple as sending AlarmForce written notice and they will terminate the service immediately.

Customer Service

AlarmForce has been in business as a leading home security company for more than twenty years, and command exceedingly high regard in the trade. Their response and customer service standards are exceedingly high, and all of the staff members undergo extensive screening and training.

AlarmForce AlarmCare Elderly Alerts is dedicated to providing quality emergency service:

  • They own and manage their own Emergency Response Monitoring Station, and this means that everyone you deal with is employed by AlarmForce and dedicated to service
  • All of their Emergency Response Operators are professional, friendly, and are Industry Certified
  • All personnel are experienced in working with seniors
  • The software that is utilized to store and retrieve your medical information is secure
  • The AlarmCare System has a backup battery in case of power loss
  • You can add as many pendants as you need to the system for a minimal additional monthly fee
  • Help is at hand 24/7
  • AlarmForce is a Publicly Traded company, and is AF-TSX listed

How to Order

Ordering Alarmforce’s Alarmcare system is just as easy and hassle-free as everything else is with this reputable company:

  • You can telephone your order in by contacting AlarmForce at 1-800-267-2001 and speaking to one of their highly-knowledgeable sales representatives.
  • You can put in a request via their website

Alarmforce’s Alarmcare system is the perfect gift to give a loved one about whom you are concerned because they live alone and have a medical condition, have difficulty with mobility or are in danger of falling.

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