Alert1 Medical Alert System Review

When purchasing a medical alert system for your loved one, finding the right device and company can be quite a hassle, and would be made even harder without reviews of each brand. Once you get past all the marketing tactics and potential gimmicks and find your way to the real nitty-gritty of the issue, only then can you really be sure to find the right product for you.

Whilst most medical alarm system packages look alike, with similar features and offers, it’s all too often the little things that count the most. At the sharp end of the market it’s definitely the finer details that will ultimately distinguish one brand from another, and may serve to dramatically alter your decision on which one to side with. A thorough review of Alert1 medical alert systems will reveal few details that may well be seen as shortcomings on their part; while still a great company with a top of the line product and package, it may not be the best on the market because, to use an old cliche: ‘the devil is in the details’.


Alert1 medical alert systems are simple devices that can be easily installed by the customer themselves, at no charge. On the face of it they provide the basics of what one needs to get started on the journey to peace of mind. A detail that certainly does not act in their favor is that despite not charging a fee for both equipment and activation, Alert1 cannot guarantee that equipment delivery will be free. So, depending on your location, shipping might well cost you an extra few pennies – this detail may well be enough to turn potential customers away toward their competitors. A positive though, is that Alert1 is available in fifty states, thus their franchise is well established with two decades behind them, a fact that will hopefully negate the potential delivery fee.

Monitoring Features

Alert1 medical systems actually rates very highly in this area; with a very good console to pendant range of up to six hundred feet, an illuminated help button and twenty four hour back-up battery life in case of a power failure to name a few, they possess every standard feature available. Since Alert1 only operates in the USA, there’s little need for a multi lingual service – which Alert1 does without – with English being the predominant language. If they were to market the console alone, it would no doubt rank very highly against its competitor’s – one of the very best in fact – but since you’re inevitably purchasing a service as well, the company and brand needs to match that level of quality.

A feature you may not find in all top medical alert systems is the device that can answer phone calls as well; Alert1 is one such company with this capability, so if that is indeed one of your priorities, then Alert1 will definitely be in the reckoning. It’s a feature that specifically comes in handy with the elderly because they’re not always able to get to a ringing phone in time; this feature allows them to answer the phone wherever they are in the house.

Additional features

Another attractive aspect of Alert1 systems is their impressive array of additional services. When looking for a competent medical alarm system, there are a number of features you need to look for; namely a lock box, a spare and/or an additional help button to be mounted in the bathroom or elsewhere in the house, a check-in service as well as voice extenders (which is a great asset to an emergency service as the extenders are able to pick up distress calls from anywhere in the house; alternatively this feature is also handy for answering phone calls as well).
From this as well as the last category, it’s easy to see the appeal of purchasing the Alert1 medical system and service as it rates as one of the top brands on the market.

Customer service

Any brand can have all the features ever thought up to be installed in a medical alert system, but ultimately all things can hinge on one thing, the customer service behind the product. It’s often referred to as ‘the human element’, at least as far as emergency service goes because this industry is of course all about the human element, specifically health care and peace of mind. The human element, with regards to service, is where companies can often fall short, and it’s one aspect where Alert1 systems does exactly that, Alert1 lacks a twenty four hour technical support service.
Another area they lack is in not owning their own monitoring center (as appose to some of their top competitors). This means that they inevitably outsource their monitoring service; it also means that the operators on the line (when you make that emergency call) will not be direct employees of Alert1, thus putting a question mark over the ultimate customer telephonic support. Of course the most crucial thing is putting the emergency plan in place and dispatching emergency services, but the experience of customer relations has debatably diminished. This may seem like a small detail, but for some it’s vital to their decision making.

What are the Pros and Cons of Alert1 Medical alert systems?


  • A top quality product which performs automated monthly tests
  • A highly rated brand with a fair and successful history
  • they offer an affordable package that just about caters for all your medical alert needs, including a full spectrum of available features and services
  • As expected, a top notch twenty four hour a day, seven days a week protection service for your home
  • No activation or cancellation fees (with a simple free self- installation procedure) – and if you do decide to cancel the contract, they do offer a thirty day money-back guarantee as well
  • The first three months is offered at a lower price than their standard charge rate ($19.95 as appose to the customary $24.95). They also offer a few discounts on longer term contracts and payment plans
  • there may be a degree of monitoring flexibility per the prearranged agreement set up with the respective client, which means that they may be open to a somewhat customized deal depending on your parameters
  • It boasts a well beyond average pendant to console transmitter range of six hundred feet


  • A lack of their own monitoring facility may discourage prospective clients who look for a degree of loyalty with a certain company (especially when it comes to emergencies and the safety of your loved ones), and the desire to deal directly with the company at all times
  • Alert1 does not come with a fall detection feature, which means this product may not be in favour with those with diabetic sufferers who may have a greater tendency to collapse or faint
  • Another useful feature that Alert1 does without is the Activity monitoring feature, which to some extent ensures that the user maintains some sort of ‘up-and-about’ lifestyle
  • It does not boast a ‘pill reminder’ – a beep function reminding the patient/user to take their prescribed medication at specified times
  • They do not offer a twenty four hour, seven days a week technical support service (although there are no replacement charges with a Lifetime Warranty)
  • it would appear that Alert1 medical alert systems do not provide free equipment delivery (although they do service fifty states)


In the end it’s all about the details; you may shop around and find quite a few products not dissimilar to this one, but inevitably the difference maker will be the finer points of the product. Alert1 medical alert systems is definitely one of the best packages on the market and rates very highly in all categories, so it’s understandably a popular brand. What it comes down to though, is the patient, or customer looking to find something for their loved one; they’re the ones with the specific needs. On the surface of things Alert1 is a top brand that will more than satisfy most, but there are a number of shortcomings which the more discerning buyer might find irksome. As mentioned, the lack of a fall detector as well as a company owned monitoring facility counts against them, but if you’re flexible in that regard and are willing to look over some other technical issues, then you will find all that you need and more in Alert1.

Alert1’s fees and terms are all very competitive and appealing, partnered with a top of the line product; it all makes for a very good choice because at the end of the line, the most crucial aspect of any system such as this is the monitoring capabilities (24/7) and the emergency response times (20-30 seconds), that determines whether or not it’s worth it. A great encouragement to potential clients is the relatively risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

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