Which Insurance Providers Cover Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert Systems are fantastic ways to be comfortable knowing that your loved ones have a way to get help in the case of an emergency. But they're even more fantastic when they're free. There are several insurance companies that will provide complementary Medical Alert Systems, but you may have to ask around to find the best way to get it covered for you. Your situation is different than your neighbor’s. They may have been able to get it for … [Read more...]

The Best Medical Alert Smartphone Apps

This cellular age provides us with daily conveniences that could hardly be dreamed of years ago. One of the best things to come out in this new era is the smartphone. Everyone has a cellphone nowadays  And the best thing is that there are apps for everyone out there, even grandma. In this age, even grandma has a smartphone. She might even be pretty handy with it. When you have an elderly loved one who knows their way around Words With Friends, … [Read more...]

Durable Outdoor Medical Alerts and IDs

Just because you acknowledge that wearing a Medical Alert could be beneficial to you, doesn't mean that your life has to stop. In fact, now you can feel more secure going about your day knowing that no matter what you're doing, you'll have the proper medical attention possible. There are certain Medical Alerts and Ids that are specifically made to go along with you throughout your busy day. They are made especially for someone who enjoys … [Read more...]

Free Medical Alert Systems in the United States

This would sound too good to be true if someone called and said that their caregiver and or children called a company and then offered them a free medical alert system. But that is the problem: there is no such thing as a free medical alert system in the United States. According to the Better Business Bureau, there was a a letter sent out to senior citizens in June of 2013 that warned of a company calling to say that they were offering a … [Read more...]

Yes, Cute Medical Alert Bracelets Exist

When it comes to medical ids, most people think about the simple chain that people wore back in the day with the plate in the middle that would drive people nuts because of the sound it would make while that person was doing things with their wrist.  Nowadays though, someone can have one on and not even know that is there because the design has gone under changes and has been brought away from the stereotypes. Click Here to See The Most … [Read more...]

What Kind of Allergy Alert Bracelet Should You Get?

A little metal bracelet lies around their wrist.  Everyone has seen them before: a bracelet that has that person’s name, address, phone number, and somewhere in the midst of it all is their health condition.  What that person is wearing is a medical ID bracelet. What exactly is a medical ID bracelet? The easiest way to look at it is as a piece of jewelry that has all of that person’s allergies, medicines, and medical conditions engraved on … [Read more...]

How to Convince Your Parents to Use a Medical Alert

As we get older, the world can become a much more dangerous place. Most older people simply cannot get back up from a fall like they used to. With time, this will only become harder and harder. We see it in our parents and loved ones all the time. Unfortunately, it can also be very disheartening for a person to come to terms with the fact that their body isn't what it once was. You know the benefits of Medical Alert, and you want your parents … [Read more...]

Who Can Apply for a Medical Alert Dog

A young lady is walking down the street towards her class.  She has a dog beside her that helps assist her because she is not able to see.  One minute she is fine, the next she slips and falls.  Her medical service dog realizes what has happened and snuggles up next to her to get her attention and let her know that he or she is not going anywhere is comforting her. After a few moments, she realized what happened and is pain from falling down … [Read more...]

The Benefits of a Mobile Medical Alert

You have an elderly parent or grandparent that lives by themselves and are on their own.  But then one day you get a phone call from the hospital, saying that your parent or grandparent has been admitted into the hospital because they fell down in the snow in their front yard.  One small detail: they were by themselves and no one knew what had happened until the morning, when one of the family members went out to see them.   It does … [Read more...]

What are Medical Alert Charms?

There are many individuals who should be wearing some sort of medical alert bracelet or pendent but do not because they feel that they do not fit into their lifestyle, and this is where medical alert charms come in handy, as they are unobtrusive but could be life-saving. Medical alerts are there to alert emergency medical personnel to the fact that you may have an allergy or medical condition of which they should be aware before giving any … [Read more...]