Bay Alarm Review – The Leader in Medical Alarm Systems

Of the top ten makes and brands of medical alert systems, Bay alarm seems to be the pick of the bunch, certainly if many of the medical alert systems reviews and service comparisons are to be believed. The key to their apparent success and industry leading statistics is the fact that in features at least, the Bay alarm systems seem to cover all the bases in all four of the main categories.

When purchasing a medical alert system, there are four main areas, or categories to consider carefully: Installation, Monitoring features, additional features and customer service/care. These categories form the backbone of all systems reviews, providing the template from which to work.

A clear advantage of Bay alarm, the company, is that their product is based on sixty five years of experience in the industry, longer than any other top brand. When considering their long history, it’s then not surprising that they sit so high in the pecking order of medical alert systems, as they’ve had decades to hone their skill. Despite their experience though, whilst looking through some customer experiences and reviews, it was noted that there are still instances of unsatisfied customers – proof or incentive then that there is plenty of room for competition, making the research and investigation phase into buying a medical alarm system all the more important.

The following then is a breakdown of the categories at the heart of the medical alert systems reviews.


Of course this phase is absolutely crucial; without a properly installed device, you will be left susceptible to safety risks, and in one disgruntled customer’s case, theft. A bad installation job would most importantly jeopardize the integrity of the entire alarm system and the very purpose for which it was bought. Bay alarm generally featured well in this category; there are no additional fees for things such as equipment delivery, installation and activation, or even cancellation – a comprehensive policy shared by only one other top manufacturer. Their policy also does NOT include a long term contract; thus if payments become difficult, or you’d like to switch brands, the availability to opt out is always there.

Monitoring Features

This makes up the bulk of the important aspects of buying a medical alert system. This is usually the category most pay closest attention to first up, as it deals directly with the device capabilities. Again, just like in the installation category, Bay alarm excels in this area, offering virtually every feature that’s available for the industry standard. Interesting features that will inevitably affect your choice is the availability of a wristband panic button, illuminated help/emergency button, multi-lingual services, a pendant that one can answer phones with and a lifetime warranty. Where the Bay alarm falls a little short, comparatively, is in the transmitter range. Of course four hundred feet is still good or adequate for most, though it does seem somewhat average when comparing that figure with the competitors.

Those are a few of the main features which every medical alert system should aim to cater for. Needless to say that after the device has been installed; it is advisable to carry out a thorough test to ensure everything works properly and that the installation job is satisfactory.

Additional Features

This category is usually dictated by the overallBay Alarm cost of the service/device. There are a few features that are recommended by the industry, like back up or additional help buttons situated around the house as well as an extra, or spare, user button. Since most people have their own desires and needs when it comes to the medical alarm system, this category is usually the one in which they are able to distinguish one service from the next because it’s invariably where companies differ the most. You’ll no doubt want a product to meet a certain requirement of yours and you may find that one company provides it and another larger and more established company does not.

Bay alarm seems to cover the basics with regard to additional features, including the following:

  • check-in service
  • voice extenders (a popular feature as it allows emergency operators to speak to you anywhere in your house – no need for any shouting)
  • a lock box; the lock box is a nifty little feature designed to allow emergency response units easy access to your home in case your ill loved one cannot open the door. How this works is as follows: a lock box is a small accessible combination lock that contains an extra house key, the combination will be known only by the family/owners and the emergency service company.

Customer Service

This is one of the three fundamental areas of the medical alarm system (the other two being the pendant housing the help/panic button and the main console). It is crucial to be aware of the type of customer service that the company provides which include response times and emergency contacts. There are a few main areas which are essential to customer service, namely;

  • Technical support
  • FAQs
  • Email
  • Toll free phone number

Bay alarm covers all these areas, and as a bonus, offers the online chat option for your convenience for any further queries. Any medical alert system company should have a toll free number, whilst the rest will merely illustrate their availability or accessibility. Technical support of course is another good feature, especially in long term arrangements or contracts.

What are the Pros and Cons of Bay Alarm?


  • As previously mentioned, Bay alarm is an industry leader and one of the oldest and most established companies you’re likely to find in the field of medical alarm systems, thus you can be assured of receiving top notch quality and service. So if you decide on them you’ll be choosing a company with a great pedigree.
  • Theirs is a very comprehensive alarm system with ample features and generally excellent customer service. Their alert system is one of the few on the market which offer virtually every monitoring service available.
  • Comparatively, Bay alarm’s monthly premiums (around twenty dollars a month) are very cost effective, ranking as one of the cheapest amongst the top ten brands, but considering that you’re getting a large sum of features for that price, it certainly ranks even higher in the value for money stakes.
  • There are no additional installation, activation or cancellations fees.
  • Generally, from the Bay alarm reviews available, it’s easy to see that theirs is one of the best product packages on the market, with predominantly impressive reviews across the board.
  • A recipient of the “A” rating by the BBB – Better Business Bureau.


  • No company is perfect and as such, there will be a one or two grievances from unsatisfied clients. What’s important is to pay close attention to what those grievances pertain to. In one instance a customer experienced sub-standard installation quality – something that can be overseen by the customer and taken up with the company immediately if it doesn’t meet expectations (though this was only one case – something that a company with over six decades of experience will be more than equipped to handle).
  • As mentioned before, some customers require specific needs for their home or situation and they may find that Bay alarm does not always meet those; for instance the lack of a GPS device or fall detection may dissuade some buyers. These two features, particularly fall detection, are quite rare but very handy additional features.
  • Another additional feature that Bay alarm does without is the medication dispenser; though that seems like an added luxury when it comes to an alarm system.
  • The seemingly average transmitter range.
  • One complaint I noted had to do with customer service (though this was only ONE); the customer voiced his dissatisfaction with Bay alarm’s customer relations – though that too is an isolated event that’s based on one man’s opinion. Generally though, Bay alarm has glowing reviews and a very good product.


Overall there’s a reason why Bay alarm is at the top of the market and so highly regarded, and with that kind of experience, you’d expect nothing less. Thus you can surmise that with a company as proud as this one with such a rich heritage, any complaint or grievance will be dealt with promptly and sufficiently to satisfy the customer and to uphold a very strong reputation. With so many avenues of communication –i.e. online chat, email and 24/7 technical support – they open themselves up for any kind of feedback, which aids in improving their product.

Based on many Bay alarm system reviews, they offer an established, industry leading and well-rounded package. Needless to say you should always shop around (search for free trial periods) for the product most suited to your needs and price range. Bay alarms competitive pricing ensures that they’ll always be a contender; and look out for Bay alarm special offers and seasonal specials.

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