With A Medical Alert Alarm, Somebody Else Is Always Alert, Not You.

If you want to go through your twilight years, feeling a little like James Bond, here's how you do it. Wear a Medical alert alarm on your wrist or around your neck. You'd know how the superhero felt when he pressed the button to ensure that the floor beneath his opponent opened up. I do quite understand that the physical state you are in is more like his opponent, when he falls through the gaping hole, but rest assured, since the button has been … [Read more...]

Why Diabetic Medical Alert Bracelets Are Vital

If you or your child has diabetes then you are well aware of what a delicate situation you are in. There are so many situations that could become medical emergencies at the drop of a hat, and it is therefore important that all medical health care professionals who are involved are aware of you or your child's diabetic condition. Consequently there are many diabetes medical alert bracelets that have been designed in order to appeal to both … [Read more...]

Using A Medical Alert Button Allows You The Independence You Want

Medical alert buttons are buttons that, when pushed, dial either 911 or another pre programmed telephone number to let someone know that you have had an accident, are in distress or that a medical emergency has occurred. There are many medical alert buttons on the market that come as part of different packages and plans. Some can be purchased for a once-off fee and others have a monthly subscription. Monthly rates can range from $40 to … [Read more...]

Types of Medical Alert Jewelry You Can Purchase

To understand why people would wear medical alert jewelry, we first need to understand what it is and the purpose that it serves. In 1956 an American couple, Dr M. Collins and Mrs Chrissie Collins, who almost lost their daughter due to an allergy to a horse serum used in a routine tetanus antitoxin test, formed the MedicAlert Foundation, which acts as a repository for vital medical information contained on medic alert jewelry such as medical … [Read more...]

The Ins and Outs of Medical Alert Systems Reviews

Deciphering through the best in medical care for your elderly or ill loved one can be a bit of a mine field, especially when it comes to technical gadgetry like medical alarms. It’s for this reason that medical alert systems and alarm systems reviews are so crucial for one to be able to make the informed choice to not only suit your need, but your pocket too. Of course something such as the medical alarm is not an item most people know too much … [Read more...]

Stay Safe and Protected With Medical Alert Devices

Do you and your husband want to keep your independence for as long as possible? Medical alarms equipment can give you and the rest of your family peace of mind while you continue to live in the home you love so much. You can both continue with your daily lives in the familiar surroundings of your own home, with help being only a push button away. A System With Many Names The systems that use medical alert devices have many names. You may … [Read more...]

The Different Medical Alert Companies Available

There are many different medical alert companies out there, but it is very important that you find the best one, not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of the specific services that are offered. Through careful research you will be able to find the company that best suits your personal needs. There are several different medical alert companies for you to choose from: Rescue Alert Important things to know about Rescue Alert, a … [Read more...]

Medical Alarm Fall Detectors Can Be Lifesavers!

A medical alarm fall detector is a system whereby a wireless transmitter can be worn in the form of a pendant or wristwatch. If the wearer falls the transmitter will send an emergency signal to a central station or a pre - programmed number to signify that a person has fallen. The disabled, partially disabled and the elderly often live alone or spend a lot of time alone; the possibility of a fall makes it vital for them to take some steps to … [Read more...]

Live A Healthy And Longer Life With Personal Medical Alarms

I hear a creaking sound and I can't help but think that it could be my elbow or worse still my hip. Oh my God, what would I do, if it really were so? Now, I realize that it is anything but my elbow or my hip. I am also relieved to realize that it is only the front door that is creaking (I haven't greased it in a very long time; seems to require as much greasing as me, I guess). What makes me absolutely less jumpy now is the fact that I have … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Best Medical Alarm Provider

One of the most important factors in choosing a medical alert system is choosing the medical alarm provider. The system, as in the physical equipment, is important, as it needs to work properly and the person using it must understand how it works and be comfortable with using it. It is no good having the most advanced technological equipment however, if the medical alert provider does not provide the service which is required. Medical … [Read more...]