Yes, Cute Medical Alert Bracelets Exist

When it comes to medical ids, most people think about the simple chain that people wore back in the day with the plate in the middle that would drive people nuts because of the sound it would make while that person was doing things with their wrist.  Nowadays though, someone can have one on and not even know that is there because the design has gone under changes and has been brought away from the stereotypes.

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Here are some cute medical alert bracelets that can be looked at :

For Children:

Fishy Bubbles Action Bracelet:

Fishy Bubbles Action Bracelet

This bracelet only comes in yellow.  But, it has fishes that are yellow that are swimming through bubbles.  It has a rating of 5 stars.  Cost is $19.99 and has stainless steel engraving available.


Floral Butterfly Action Bracelet:

Floral Butterfly Action Bracelet

This bracelet is mostly for girls.  It comes in a dark purple color.  It has blue and yellow butterflies on it, with pink flowers.  The butterflies look like they are flying into a sky.  Has personal engraving available along with stainless steel.  Cost is $19.99 and has a rating of 5 stars.

Various bracelets that have “I have….”

They have numerous bracelets with a picture of a cartoon looking bandit; it is part of their “Beware Bandit” line.  It is latex and nickel free, comes in a variety of bright colors, and has personal engraving available.  This line of products has a rating of 4 stars and the cost is $6.99.

For Teenagers:

Epic Rustic Leather Bracelet:

Epic Rustic Leather BraceletFor those that are looking for a surfer type of bracelet, this is one of them.  This bracelet looks like it was made by a surfer and is relaxed.  It has a rating of 5 stars and the cost is $29.99.  Also has personal engraving available, medical emblem in the corner, and has stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Classical Nylon Sportband:

Nylon SportbandFor those who are active activities, this band is one that can be used.  It comes in different colors and prints, has a secure buckle and can be adjusted for up to three wrist sizes.  It has a rating of 4 stars and costs are dependent upon what size and how much engraving needs to be done.

Pink Shimmer Bracelet

Pink Shimmer Bracelet For those teenage girls that are divas and want to look stylish, then this is the medical id for you.  It has pink and white looking diamonds, a double clasp to help interchange bracelets, and has personal engraving.  Depending upon the length the person will need, it starts at $34.99 and has a rating of 5 stars.

For Her:

Onyx Eternity Bracelet:

Onyx Eternity BraceletFor those ladies out there that love the idea of hearts going in a circle, then this bracelet is for you.  It has contrasting colors for the hearts that go around as well as size wise of the hearts.  It has a white emblem that is visible.  Personal engraving is available, and does not come in any other color.  It has a rating of 5 stars, and is now on sale.  Was originally $39.99, it is now $29.99.

Titanium Gold Curve:

Titanium Gold CurveFor those ladies that want something that looks classic, this bracelet will work.  It is hypoallergenic, which means it will not break you out like most metals would.  It comes with the option of having red, black, or gold medical emblem on, personal engraving, and because it is curved, it comes with an extension chain to use.  It has a rating of 4.5 stars and costs $49.99.

Urban Brown Leather Bracelet:

Urban Brown Leather BraceletFor those that rugged and want to be a little rebellious it might be worth looking at this bracelet.  It is made of leather, and has a visible emblem among the stainless steel plate in the middle of the bracelet.  It does not come in any other color then brown.  It has a rating of 4.5 stars and depending upon length, it starts at $29.99.

For him:

Lynx Onyx

Lynx Onyx BraceletThis bracelet is for the man that likes to be subtle.  It is black but is available in eight different styles. The main color in the one pictured is black, but it has a silver medical emblem on that is small.  It is stainless steel, and has personalized engraving.  It has a rating of 5 stars, and is $69.99.

Lynx USB

Lynx USB BraceletIf you are a person looking for uniqueness, then it is definitely worth checking this one out.  It only comes in silver, but it does come with a portable USB flash drive.  You can put the rest of your details on the drive because the drive has the forms that you can fill out, but will need to install it on your computer.  The forms are password protected so no one but you can get to them and the forms are pre-loaded..  It has a red medical emblem at the top of the plate that is stainless steel.  It has a rating of 5 stars and the cost is $79.99.

Sterling Silver Premier Bracelet:

Sterling Silver Premier BraceletFor the men that want to look like they have all the money in the world, or just want to look professional, then this one is worth looking at.  The bracelet itself is slightly curved so it can fit the wrist of a male; the emblem is etched in the center of the stainless steel plates, and only comes in silver.  It is already polished so that you as the consumer do not have to shine it.  It has a rating of 5 stars and the cost starts at 59.99.

There are other items available on the website, including a sports line for those that are active and want to check that out, along with necklaces and charms.  Many of the bracelets on the website are part of collections that are extending out or being built upon.

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