The CVS Medical Alert Review

The CVS Medical Alert System is the cornerstone of the Connect America Medical Alarm Company’s business, which, together with being an excellent product and great service, landed it the recommendation of Good Housekeeping as the top pick for medical alarm systems. An unwavering commitment and dedication to client-care ensures that their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating remains at A+, which is the agency’s highest honor.

When choosing a medical alert system, it is important that you take certain factors into consideration. Having a medical alert system that is not monitored 24/7 is effectively useless, so make sure that the system in which you invest has full monitoring features. Other important areas to consider are whether there any additional features come with the system, whether there are going to be any further costs incurred for installation, the level of customer service, what the response time is in an emergency, and whether technical assistance is offered or not.

When it comes to the above, this medical alert system passes with flying colors. The fact that Connect America has been providing medical alert monitoring services since 1977, together with the fact that CVS, the largest retail pharmacy chain in the United States, with over 7,000 stores in 43 states, use the UL Approved CVS Medical Alert System as their exclusive provider of medical alert systems says a lot for the integrity of the company, the quality of the product and the customer service that they provide.

Below are some of the reasons why so many Americans put their trust in the CVS Medical Alert System for peace of mind for themselves or their elderly relatives.


Your custom-designed CVS Medical Alert System kit includes a base unit, with plug-in protection, a waterproof emergency button with wrist, clip-on and traditional pendant options as standard, and requires only a simple five-minute self-install. There is no long-term contract that needs to be signed, no cost for the equipment, no set-up fees, and no hidden activation charge.

Monitoring Features

The most important feature, and one that you should pay the closest attention to when looking to invest in a medical alert system, is the monitoring feature. It is important, for instance, that you check whether you can communicate with the monitoring center without needing to use your phone, as this would most probably be very difficult in the case of an emergency, especially a fall, when the person cannot get up.

Fortunately, the CVS Medical Alert System connection is a sophisticated one, with 2-way voice interactive emergency monitoring. The base unit is suitable for either temporary or a permanent installation, which means that if your elderly relative should come to visit you for a vacation, they can bring their unit with so that they are covered for medical emergencies when you are at work. Obviously they will just have to inform the monitoring center of their change of address when they do this. The unit also sports Braille features on the home, clear and oversize emergency buttons, and a 32-hour battery back-up. A distinctive alarm tone is provided for emergency situations, and there is also an on/off switch.

All that it requires is that you press the medical emergency button on your pendant or bracelet to send a distress signal, via your normal telephone line, to the monitoring center. This will open up a line of communication between you and the monitoring center and allow for communication from anywhere in your home, without the need for you to get to your phone.

Connect America Medical Alarm Company’s central monitoring station is manned by dedicated Emergency Monitoring Professionals 24 hours a Day, 365 Days a Year. The station is listed with, and regulated by, Underwriters’ Laboratories for Protective Signaling (UL 1981), and is also CSAA Five Diamond Certified. Once a distress signal is received, the center will call you back, listen, communicate with you and get medical assistance if required. They will also provide the attending EMS with any information they have regarding existing medical condition or issues, so as to prepare them to assist you quickly and effectively.

Additional Features

The CVS Medical Alert System covers all of the basics required in a good medical alarm system when it comes to additional features, including:

  • Being able to buy additional medical alert buttons separately.
  • Voice extenders which allow you to communicate with the monitoring center from anywhere in your house. The system covers about 3,000 square feet inside the home and approximately 600 outside.
  • A unique password, which is also your account number, and which you will be asked for when calling the central station to update medical emergency contact numbers or medical information, which means that nobody can change any information unless they have the password.
  • Various lights on the console to let you know when your power is off, when the battery is charging, when the transmitter battery is low, or when the console is placing a call.
  • There is also a “clear” button on the console which can be pressed to stop the alarm if the alarm button is pressed accidentally.
  • The watch or button battery life is approximately 5 to 7 years and it is waterproof so can be worn in the shower or bath, which is where most falls occur.
  • There are no replacement or repair charges .

Customer Service

When dealing with medical alarm companies, before signing on the dotted line or deciding to use their system, make sure that you check what their customer service is like. This includes things like how long they take to answer an emergency call, what their technical support is like.

Connect America provides a toll-free number, and There is 24 hour technical and customer support. The response time once the button has been pressed is an impressive 15 seconds.

Customers are urged to call the toll free number to test their system on a weekly basis. This is very easy; all it requires is that you put your system on test mode by dialing 1-800-325-1787, hang up, press the emergency button and wait for the operator to call then tell them you are just doing a test.

The Pros and Cons of the CVS Medical Alert System


  • Competitive Rates – The rate of only $29.95 per month is very competitive with those offered by other companies in the industry.
  • No Additional Costs – There are no costs other than the monthly costs; in other words, no equipment costs; no activation fees, and the system and the button is also free.
  • 24-Hour Support – by a UL Approved and CSAA Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center. The Five Diamond Certification signifies five points of excellence; commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards; commitment to the highest levels of customer service; commitment to ongoing job-related education and testing; commitment to raising the industry standards; commitment to reducing false dispatches.
  • Flexible Monitoring Agreement – the agreement can be canceled at any time after the initial 90 days of service.


  • No Pill Reminder Option – many of the medical alarm systems have a feature which reminds the wearer/user when to take medication. This is a nice feature although not a necessity, and not required by all. Such a reminder is, however, great for the elderly who may forget to take chronic medication.
  • No Fall Detector Option – many of the elderly and those who are diabetic have the tendency to take a fall, which could immobilize them if they break a leg or hip, and may fall into unconsciousness, in which case they will not be able to press the medical emergency button.
  • System Testing – the fact that the system is not tested automatically by the monitoring center but requires that the user physically test it on a regular basis could be a problem, especially if the user is an elderly person whose memory is not that good; should they forget to test the system and something is wrong with it, this could lead to problems should there be an emergency.
  • Flexible Monitoring Agreement – some people may have a problem with the initial enforced 90 day period.


There are a few good reasons why the CVS Medical Alert System is amongst the top ten systems, very highly thought-of, and used by so many Americans, and that is that they provide excellent equipment, technical know-how and backup, and great customer-service. The fact that all monitoring center operators are trained, tested and certified using the CSAA online training series means that you or your loved ones are in very good and capable hands should there be an emergency, and the response-time to an emergency call is also excellent.

With this kind of dedication and commitment from Connect America Medical Alarm Company, who administer the CVS Medical Alert System, you can be assured of excellent service at all times and need not hesitate to invest in the system for yourself or your loved one.

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