Durable Outdoor Medical Alerts and IDs

Just because you acknowledge that wearing a Medical Alert could be beneficial to you, doesn’t mean that your life has to stop. In fact, now you can feel more secure going about your day knowing that no matter what you’re doing, you’ll have the proper medical attention possible. There are certain Medical Alerts and Ids that are specifically made to go along with you throughout your busy day.

They are made especially for someone who enjoys spending time outside enjoying life. So whether you like to run, fish, hunt, take long walks in the park, or just keep busy going from charity event to charity event, you can be sure that you will get the protection you paid for with your Medical Alert or ID no matter what you’re doing.

Elements of a Durable Outdoor Medical Alert and ID

When you get a durable medical alert, you have certain expectations associated with that. You are getting it specifically because you live an active life and you need a unit that will keep up with your lifestyle. You want your unit to work under strenuous circumstances, but what should you realistically expect?

It Can Withstand the Elements

Your unit should be able to continue to work if you find yourself stuck in the rain somewhere. If it has information printed on it, a medical assistant should be able to read the information clearly. If it has technology in it, it should work in the rain.

It Can Handle a Fall

One of the biggest causes of people using their Medical Alert is because of a fall in an unexpected place. Falls can cause certain units to crack or break. But your durable Medical Alert should be scratch resistant.

It’s Secure

While being active, your Medical Alert may take a bit of a beating. During this, you don’t want to have a necklace that comes undone and falls off. You might not even notice until it’s too late. You don’t want to lose your Medical Alert just because it wasn’t held together around your neck well enough. Insist on a strong clasp.

It’s Comfortable

You have to wear this often. You want to make sure that it feels good around your wrist. It’s a good idea to try on your unit before you buy it. Make sure it doesn’t rub you the wrong way or cause any irritation.

Common Materials

One of the most common materials used in durable Medical Alerts and Ids is stainless steel. Stainless steel offers strength, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for in your unit. On top of being strong, it also looks sleek. It is also one of the least likely to corrode. Even better, stainless steel is less expensive than silver or gold. And they still last.

Gold and silver are the two most common materials used. It’s nice to know that the unit is made out of material that real jewelry is made of. You know it will last. And look good. You also know the quality is there.

You should take special attention to the material you use. Make sure you do not use cheap materials. Cheap materials can create skin problems. Considering you have to wear this every day, you want to use a material that won’t irritate you.

Different Types of Medical Alerts and Ids

You can get an extremely durable version of plenty of different types of Medical Alerts and Ids. You do not have to sacrifice style just because you want a unit that can withstand the outdoors.


There are plenty of attractive bracelets  that will look attractive on your wrist and keep you secure. You can get Medical ID bracelets that offer your information to anyone who might need to assist you during an emergency. Medical Alerts can give you a button to press to call for help.

Dog Tag Medical Alert Necklaces

These attractive necklaces add a rugged look to the typical medical Id necklace. They also stay strong through even the most difficult of tumbles.

In order for an EMT to recognize that the dog tag is indeed a medical ID card, it will typically have a medical symbol on it or the letters ICE.

These are perfect for people when they want to leave the house without identification, such as going for a run or out in the garden.

Reasons for Runners and other Athletes to Wear a Durable Medical Alert System

If you practice an individual sport or train by yourself, it can be a way to protect yourself if your workout ends up taking a toll on you physically. Several things can happen when you work out too hard. If you have bad joints, you can end up on the ground unable to use your legs or your back after a bad fall. You’ll be able to show the medics your information when you do get taken to the hospital.

Pain and strains are not the only things t hat can happen when you’re out exercising by yourself. Cardio particularly can cause the heart to work exceptionally hard. Sometimes, too hard. When your heart goes too hard, it can malfunction. You can end up having a heart attack. You can also dehydrate. Or run out of oxygen and faint.

Other People Who Will Benefit From a Durable Medical Alert System

Athletes are not the only people who can benefit from a durable Medical Alert System. People of all kinds can benefit from it in several different ways.

Anyone with a busy life could use something durable. Whether it’s scraping the grocery cart against your bracelet or your necklace getting scratched when you fall on cement while at the park, if you are going out and about, you’re going to want a unit that can withstand your day with you. Don’t get caught in the rain and need your Medical Alert only to find out that it isn’t going to work. Buy Quality.

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