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Are your parents elderly and getting to the stage that they need some kind of back-up should they have an emergency? Many of the elderly of today would prefer to stay in their own homes as long as possible, but the likelihood of them taking a fall or having a heart attack or stroke forces many to go into retirement homes or homes for the aged.

If you have an elderly family member, or a relative that is recovering from a hospital stay, going through rehabilitation or has physical limitations, then maybe you should look into getting a medical alarm system such as Fast Medical Alert for them.

I was recently faced with this problem when my aging mother had a slight stroke, as she lives on her own, and circumstances do not permit me to take her in. She has always been a very independent person and the thought of having to go into a home for the aged got her very depressed. I could not bear to see her so unhappy, so looked for an alternative way to keep her safe whilst maintaining her independence. A friend recommended Fast Medical Alert to me as they had it for their parents, and I am ever so grateful to them.

The Fast Medical Alert System provides a low-cost alternative to assisted living agencies, and consists of a medical alert pendant that is worn around the neck, on the wrist or on a belt, and an emergency console. The service is monitored 24/7 by qualified emergency medical dispatchers at the Acadian Medical Alert Monitoring Centers. Should there be an emergency, all one needs to do is press the alarm on the pendant and an operator will connect you to the relevant emergency service. If the operator cannot establish voice communication with the client once the emergency button has been pressed, they will automatically activate the Emergency Care Plan.

In an emergency, seconds count, and when you cannot get to a telephone to call for help, having a medical alert pendant on you could mean the difference between life and death. Fast Medical Alert has been has been servicing the public and providing individuals with peace of mind and compassionate care, saving countless lives with their excellent service. They are recognized as an industry leader and are recommended by doctors, home health-care providers, geriatric care managers, hospitals, social workers and agencies on aging across the country.

Product Range

Many people think that medical alarm systems are complex systems and will be too difficult for their aging relatives to use, but this is not so. Technology has advanced rapidly over the past few decades to a point where a top-of-the-line personal medical alarm system now just consists of two basic components, the console and the medical alarm pendant. If my mother, who is not technically inclined at all can use the Fast Medical Alert system, trust me, anyone can.

Fast Medical Alert uses the Linear PERS-2400B Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), which is a 24/7 supervised wireless medical emergency reporting product that was designed for medical alert systems. The system consists of a medical alert pendant which can be worn around the neck, on the wrist or on a belt, and a table-top or wall-mountable Console.

All of the buttons on the PERS-2400B console are molded with Braille characters to identify the button’s function, which is one of the features I love, as my mother is slightly sight-impaired since her stroke. The emergency alarm can be triggered by pressing either the button on the wireless pendant, or by pressing the large EMERGENCY button on the face of the PERS-2400B console

Product features

All Fast Medical Alert Pendants are water-resistant, which is a good thing, as it means that they can, and should, be worn in the most dangerous areas for seniors, which are usually the bath or the shower. Although they are waterproof, it is not advisable to swim with your pendant on, as it was not designed to be submerged for a prolonged period of time.

Some of the features on the system that I really love are:

  • The medical alarm console has a powerful speaker system and voice module, which allows for easy and quick two-way voice communication with the Fast Medical Alert dispatchers at the monitoring centre without the need for a phone.
  • The large red “EMERGENCY” button on the console cannot be missed, and in the event that an individual does not have his or her pendant on them they can just press this button to call for help.
  • The medical alert console is fitted with a self-charging 24 hour battery backup in the event of a power outage.
  • The Fast Medical Alarm System does not need a special connection to your existing phone line; it will take over the line to dial the programmed number of the medical alarm monitoring center when the alarm is pressed.
  • The buttons on the Fast Medical Alarm console have Braille characters on them to aid the visually impaired.
  • The console is fitted with both visual and audible alarms to notify you of the system’s operation.
  • The console has one of the longest two-way voice ranges available on the market today.
  • The medical alarm pendant is a simple wireless transmitter that signals the medical alarm console when pressed in the event of an emergency.
  • The pendants are lightweight, easy to use and can be worn around the neck, on the wrist or as a belt clip, which allows an individual to suit it to their style and lifestyle.
  • The pendants are less cumbersome and less noticeable than many others, and they are waterproof.


There are no specific or special connections required to install the console, it just fits in with your normal telephone line.


If you decide you no longer need the service, you can contact the Fast Medical Alert Customer Service Department at 1-888-290-1297 to cancel. You will need to return the equipment to us in its original packaging. If you no longer have the original packaging this can be shipped to you for $15.

The shipping address is:
Fast Medical Alert
302 Hopkins St.
Lafayette, LA 70501


Fast Medical Alert Systems do not require you to sign a long-term contract; all that is necessary is a low monthly monitoring fee. There is no equipment that you need to purchase, and no cancellation fees.

  • Fast Medical Alert accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or checks through Automatic Withdrawal (ACH).
  • Your monthly monitoring fees can be paid monthly quarterly, or annually.
  • There are no additional fees to add another person on the same premises, but you will be required to purchase an additional pendant or wristband for a once-off fee of $75

Customer service

When it comes to Medical alarms, the system is only as good as the customer service that you receive. Fast Medical Alert is powered by Acadian Medical Alert Monitoring Centers which have a UL-2050 rating and “Five Diamond” certification.

  • All of the monitoring centers are staffed by bilingual (English and Spanish) Emergency Medical Dispatched certified Medical Alert Operators 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Each of the Acadian Medical Alert Monitoring Center operators is highly-trained and able to assess an emergency situation very quickly and respond to it by following your customized Medical Alert Emergency Care Plan.
  • The Monitoring Center operators can provide life-support that can help someone provide CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, control bleeding, open an airway, or deliver a baby.
  • Acadian responds to approximately 250,000 emergency calls per month, and is recognized as the leader in the medical alert industry. Their response time is amongst the best in the industry at an average of 13 seconds, with the national standard being 60 seconds.
  • Every monitoring center has backup power supplies that can provide electricity as well as backup phone carriers, should they be required in the event of a disaster.
  • The operators at the monitoring centers do not only assist the individual that activates the alarm by dispatching emergency assistance such as the police, fire department or an ambulance, but they also contact the next of kin to inform them of the problem, and they will also comfort loved ones when they need it most.

How to order

To order your Fast Medical Alert System, you can either call Fast Medical Alert on 888-290-1297 or contact them via their website and Order Online Now and get 1 month free.

If you are not sure whether you or a loved one needs a medical alert system such as the Fast Medical Alert system, then there is a simple way of checking; by completing the Medical Alert Risk Assessment Quiz on their website. The quiz consists of nine questions, the answers to which will help you to assess whether investing in a medical alarm system is strongly advised, would be helpful, or recommended to maintain independence.

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