How to Convince Your Parents to Use a Medical Alert

As we get older, the world can become a much more dangerous place. Most older people simply cannot get back up from a fall like they used to. With time, this will only become harder and harder. We see it in our parents and loved ones all the time. Unfortunately, it can also be very disheartening for a person to come to terms with the fact that their body isn’t what it once was.

You know the benefits of Medical Alert, and you want your parents to wear one to be confident that they are safe. When your parents don’t want to wear one because they can handle themselves just fine, you need to find a way to convince them that wearing a Medical Alert is just a good idea.

Do Your Homework

Before you talk to your parents about getting a Medical Alert, you’re going to want to do some research so you know what to tell them. You should probably have a couple in mind for your parent to choose from. Know the differences among you options and be able to describe them to your parents.

Things to Know:

  • How does the system work?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Is it covered by your insurance?
  • What does it look like?
  • Does it require certain technical knowledge?

Talk Casually About the Subject

You want to avoid associating wearing a Medical Alert with fear, an inability to care for oneself, or sadness. Make sure that when you address the subject with your parents, you make it a funny, relaxed conversation. Too often people try to scare their parents into wearing one by telling horror stories about other people who could have been saved had they worn life alert. A scare tactic will only turn your parents away from the idea. Also, do your best to avoid making your parents feel old. Mention how you’re sure they’ll never need it, and you know that it’s a bit unnecessary. But throwing in some guilt about how they’ll make you worry too much if they don’t wear it won’t hurt m either.

Use Common Sense

One of the best ways to talk your parents into wearing the Medical Alert is when you make valid, logical points about why it makes sense to.

Just in Case…

Tell your parents t hat it only makes sense for them to wear the darn Medical Alert, so they may as well do it. There are logical reasons why it could help them in the case of an emergency. Tell them that it’s only the responsible thing to do to prevent a serious consequence when an accident does happen. It’s important to be prepared.


Another common sense point applies when you can get your insurance to cover the costs for you. Almost anyone can appreciate free, no matter how stubborn they are. When you bring up the point that you won’t have to pay a dome for the service, it can look much more attractive. Your parents may not want to spend too much because they are on a fixed income. They may think¬† that the service would just be another expense. When they know it’s free, they may be more apt to take advantage of the free service.

Buy One

If your parents are sick of you bugging them, they may give in and promise they will buy one. But that might take much longer than you thought it would…

Sometimes you have to stand up and get the job done after a certain point. You don’t want to allow them to push it back and push it back. The point is to get them one before they have an accident. So take action. Of course, you want to take their interests into consideration the best t hat you can. If they have mentioned any of their preferences, be sure to take that to heart when you’re forced to choose by yourself.

Be ready during your conversation with them by having one ready for them. Don’t hassle your parents about getting a Medical Alert. Just buy them one. Having it available is a great step. Of course, then you have to get them to actually wear it..

Don’t Be a Nag

You don’t have to force it down their throats at first. See if they decide to wear it themselves. Just like you didn’t want to be forced into things as a teenager, your parents aren’t going to want to be forced into anything now.

Be As Understanding as Possible

Remember that no matter how well your parents handle it, it is very hard to admit that they are growing¬† older. It’s a vulnerable, frightening feeling, and it can result in some bizarre reactions that may require patience.

Be sure to listen to their concerns When your parents are vocalizing a negative response to wearing the Medical Alert, listen to why they may be feeling this way. They may explain that they don’t want other people to see it. You can talk to them about other options and possibly make them comfortable about the situation. When you listen, you may be able to come up with a solution to their adversity.

Don’t Talk Down

One of the worst things you can do to discourage your parents from wearing a Medical Alert is to talk down to them when talking about the subject. This only makes them adverse to wearing it. Be careful to talk to them about the issue as if their opinion matters and that they can make competent decisions.

Don’t talk to them like they’re stupid. It’s silly to say something looks attractive when it very clearly doesn’t. Talk to them honestly.

Talking down to your parents can also make them feel even more discouraged about the situation. It can become a reminder of how people are seeing them now: as old. Remember to subtly let them know that they are still thinking beings who can understand what is going on.

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