The Life Guardian Review

Brenda McCredit, the founder of Life Guardian, took care of her father who had just undergone open heart surgery. Her mother had died, and it became Brenda’s responsibility to try and remember her father’s medications and all his medical issues as she took care of him.

She soon realized that it was impossible for her to carry on living a normal life and still remember the correct medications for her father, who also had Orthostatic Hypotension. This is a lifelong condition, causing her father to fall and injure himself more often than usual. It was during this time in her life that the created the Life Guardian Medical ID Badge which provided a wealth of information that any Emergency Medical Services would require. When Brenda had her own medical emergency, the true value of the medical ID badge was manifested as something that both young and old people could benefit from. Today this medical ID badge provides vital information such as:

  • A history of allergies you may have
  • Medical insurance information
  • The medications you are currently taking
  • Primary hospital
  • Emergency contacts
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Medical history
  • A picture of the person wearing the badge

Life Guardian Range

Today Life Guardian offers a range of high quality wireless medical alarm systems, along with wireless smoke and fire detectors and fashionable call-for-help pendants. Their alert options include wristbands, belt clips or pendants, of which all of them are waterproof. You can purchase or rent the equipment. The pricing of the mobile devices will be dependent on the terms. Their Life Guardian Medical Alarms battery operated devices can call for help with just one push of a button. The devices are lightweight and waterproof and can even be worn in the shower. Their battery operated devices can last up to four years.

Keeping Up with Changing Trends

They are always coming up with new offerings, allowing you to choose between their traditional pendant style in-home panic buttons , wrist devices, GPS enabled cellular phone with fall detection technology, talk thru wireless phone pendant, known as the Sentry as well as over-the-phone assistant services. Their Optional Long-Range Silicone Watchband Transmitter for instance is a one-button, lithium-ion battery-powered, long-range wireless, water-resistant medical alarm transmitter. The lightweight emergency call button includes a highly-visible 2-color activation indicator as well as a low battery indicator. It comes with a comfy, fully adjustable silicone wristband for the perfect fit. The watch is water-resistant, and has up to nearly five years of battery life

Life Guardian systems are available to thousands of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and pharmacies and private individuals. You can also become a member with them, whether you are single, a couple, or a family. As an example, dual membership offers:

  • A year of unlimited access to information on Identification badge and medical data form
  • Two magnetic medical data form sheet protectors which can be put on your fridge
  • Two wallet ID’s
  • Eight medical alert decals
  • Two badge holders
  • Two final-wish books – all your loved one’s final wishes

Family membership is much the same, but everything is provided in fours instead of two’s.

Every elderly person needs a LifeGuardian Medical Alarm because people over 65 are more prone to falls, and then enjoying services from Life Guardian can be invaluable. When an old person falls and injures themselves, instead of lying for hours or days without help, a medical bracelet or pendant for instance, will alert trained medical professionals to your plight. A LifeGuardian Medical Alarm System provides access to immediate help 24/7, 365 days a year.

Product Features

  • Belt clip, wrist band, and pendant alert buttons
  • Water Proof
  • Transmission range ensures that wherever you are, inside or out, you can depend on its signal to reach the console
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Alerts you when batteries get low
  • Equipment purchase or rental options
  • GPS enabled phone
  • Highly reliable, efficient emergency reporting system
  • The system is for single or multiple users
  • Simplicity of operation, braille characters

Additional Features and Accessories

  • Waterproof velcro wrist bands
  • One base console unit with built in speakerphone
  • Waterproof 400′ range call-for-help button
  • Nylon waterproof pendant attachment
  • Plastic waterproof belt clip
  • Two way voice board
  • User’s manual
  • Back-up battery
  • Combination key safe and lock box – a four digit combination is user-selectable and can be easily changed as often as you like. The large locking steel loop attaches to door knobs, railings and pipes. Inform only your family members and close friends and neighbors of the combination so that in the case of an emergency, there is always someone who can access your premises and get to you.

Medical Alert System Installation

The LifeGuardian Personal Emergency Reporting System is easy to install; saving you a fortune in installation fees. With each set you receive a set-up and testing guide

  • Read the set up and testing guide
  • Option of sensing the absence of activity
  • Plug LifeGuardian unit in to power outlet
  • Plug LifeGuardian unit into telephone jack
  • Plug phone into LifeGuardian unit
  • Test the system, for which instructions are included
  • If you move, you simply take the system with you. Inform Life Guardian of your change of address

The LifeGuardian Medical Alarm System is connected to the central station emergency monitoring service. Security Center provides the Emergency Help Center Service for your LifeGuardian system where they respond to thousands of alerts. Wonderful peace of mind with dedicated emergency response professionals standing by 24/7 to help.

Life Guardian Warranty

Your LifeGuardian Medical Alarm System is covered by a lifetime warranty while you are subscribing to their emergency monitoring security center service. You are advised to read their LifeGuardian Troubleshooting Guide to try and find solutions. If you can come right, they will send you a replacement system at no charge, and repair or replace defective equipment at no cost to you.

Medical Alert System Price

When you think of all the features and benefits you get with knowing that the person you care about can summon help when you are unable to be there for them, then for under $25 a month you get this peace knowing there are experienced, skilled and trained professionals ready and willing to come to the rescue of your loved one. With that small price, you get a two-way voice enabled base station, a waterproof button, UL listed and approved provider, access to their emergency response center, a lifetime warranty and best of all, no long term commitments hanging over your head.

Life Guardian Customer Services

You never have to feel cut off from Life Guardian; you can simply email Technical Support or call their toll free technical support number – 1-800-378-2957 Ext 712. We will attempt to troubleshoot the problem with you over the phone. If for some reason, we cannot resolve the problem over the phone, we will send you a replacement system that day at no charge. LifeGuardian Medical Alarm System never raises their monthly service fee to their existing subscribers. Your Service Agreement states that the service fee is all that you will be charged. Life Guardian offers three plans to choose from – monthly, quarterly and annual that come with their standard Service Agreement which can be cancelled anytime.

Whichever LifeGuardian plan you select, you get to enjoy exclusive features and money-saving benefits from having no long term contracts, and each LifeGuardian system features a simple service agreement.

They offer a low set-up and programming fee which covers the custom programming of your LifeGuardian system as well as setting up your critical contact and medical information in their database. This comes currently at a small fee of $99 as compared to $300 installation fees with their competitors.

LifeGuardian also offers their fourteen day unconditional satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are not entirely thrilled with your amazing LifeGuardian medical alert system, you can return it to them within fourteen days from date of receipt for a full refund of the equipment purchase price.

How to Order a LifeGuardian Medical Alarm System

Complete and submit their online order form, or you can print out their LifeGuardian Service Form and fax it to them. You can also order one over the phone by calling the LifeGuardian Customer Service Center at 800-378-2957. It takes about five days for your system to reach you. They also offer Express delivery services.

The Life Guardian medical alert system reviews have all been submitted by customers of Life Guardian. They have thousands of clients, and the reviews you read are always just a small example of the opinions of their customers.

The fact that LifeGuardian Medical Alarm System Security Center monitors tens of thousands of subscriber accounts every single hour of every day, then you just know that their products, prices and their services are the very best that you can get.

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