Lifestation Review – Simple and Affordable

It would appear, certainly from what I’ve seen, that the main reasons to choose LifeStation medical alarm systems is simplicity, affordability and fuss free customer care and service. Now this may seem like a simple marketing gimmick, but the truth of the matter is: their medical alarm system is easy to install, test and to use. Of course all top brands will claim similar attributes for their services and devices, which is why we rely on these medical alarm systems reviews to distinguish between them all.

At first glance it’s hard to determine the difference between at least the top five products on the market because even as you make your way down their rankings, one brand that may be at the bottom of the list may offer something that the top brand doesn’t.

So, what exactly sets LifeStation apart from all the others? – The answer may not be all that easy to attain, but at first glance, I would suggest ease and availability. That is, it’s easy to acquire and their service is readily available minus any complicated procedures and payments.


When it comes to installing the device, LifeStation has it all; they have no extra fees, that means free equipment delivery. Installation is easy, no professionals required – as with all medical alert systems, the primary console should be a simple device just needing a phone jack and a power outlet. In fact LifeStation markets it as a simple and free “5 minute self-installation”. So, with that in mind, all you’ll be paying for is the monthly service.

Monitoring Features

As is to be expected from a top medical alert system, LifeStation has all the proverbial trimmings including two way communications, a back-up battery for the console and a waterproof necklace. The console is powered by a lithium battery which, when low, will transmit a signal notifying the respective parties (though that will only occur after four years in service).

This category invariably has the longest list of features as it is a veritable product review, so many of the features you find in this category will be common throughout all of the top medical alarm systems. Where Life station falls a little behind its competitors is in three areas, those are:

  • the range (the transmitter strength) which is at four hundred feet – seemingly the average figure for alert systems
  • the console’s lack of multi lingual capability
  • A pendant that cannot answer phone calls – for most though, these will be features that can be overlooked because what you get for the affordable price, both in the high standard of equipment, as well as customer service

Additional Features

The LifeStation alert system has all theLife Station basic additional features, though does without several others. The common additional services include things like an extra hallway emergency button (as well as a spare user button), a lock box and a check-in service. Since LifeStation is a seemingly no-frills system, they do without voice extenders – which do inhibit the user’s movement somewhat.

The emergency help button is adjustable so it can be worn as a bracelet/watch, a pendant around your neck or you can even clip it onto your belt.
An additional extra, which may not always be listed in reviews, is the weekly automated test which the equipment will run to eliminate the need for constant services or the advent of a technical support team. (There are some companies whose equipment does not run any tests at all.)

An optional extra is the activity monitor – which literally monitors your loved one’s activity levels to ensure that they get some sort of exercise, or meets a certain quota of movement to promote healthy living. This service is termed by Lifestation as the Active Assurance.

Customer Service

LifeStation provides a full range of customer services with twenty four hour support. Part of the reason LifeStation is reputed to be so popular is the fact that they don’t outsource their staff. All emergency call operators and ‘care specialists’ are employed by LifeStation themselves. This may sound like a moot point but it is in fact a vital component of good customer service. If a company outsources their call center duties, then they cannot in many cases be held liable for the customer’s telephonic customer care experiences as the operator is not officially employed by the company they represent. So, by employing and training their own staff, their vision and ideals can be carried out, and everyone is accountable. It puts customer’s minds at ease to know that they will always be dealing directly with the company they’ve bought their medical alarm system from. So, a top notch and highly trained response team is always awaiting your call at the LifeStation monitoring facility.

LifeStation also offers no long term contracts with very flexible payment options and plans. Medical assurance is an elusive thing nowadays, thus LifeStation strives to make your life easier with no gimmicks or hidden fees.

What are the Pros and Cons of LifeStation?


  • The all-round nature of their package with friendly and easy to locate services and hassle free equipment, and all of it at an affordable price (with no activation, equipment delivery or cancellation fees)
  • Seemingly very flexible payment options with plenty of specials and discounts constantly on offer. LifeStation specifically develops special discounted packages to encourage prospective clients
  • The automated weekly test which the medical alert console runs to ensure operational integrity; it’s a feature many other alarm systems do not have, or if they do, the test is run less frequently
  • The option of free cancellation – if you are not satisfied or happy with their product and service, then LifeStation will terminate your contract with a thirty day notice. This feature is surprisingly popular and a major attraction for clients as it promotes a product with minimal risk
  • Lifestation’s own monitoring facility (five diamond certified by the CSAA) which educates their staff to qualify them as highly trained professionals – it’s a company which is very dedicated to improving their product and services, and upholding their high standards, which has been established over three decades
  • The simple five minute installation procedure, with an instructional video for your convenience


  • The LifeStation medical alarm system does not come with either a multi lingual service or a pendant with the capability to answer phone calls
  • Along with a lack of voice extenders (which would make calls easier as you don’t need to be at the console to respond) there’s also a lack of a fall detector, which many customers are looking for these days
  • Acceptable for most, though it certainly is not a class leading figure with a transmitter range of about four hundred feet – but then again few would venture beyond that point, and many families would wish that their loved wouldn’t anyway – all in all, a rather manageable range
  • The lack of a pill dispenser which is a good little feature that reminds the user, usually with a timed beep, to take their prescribed medication. Alternatively, the medication dispenser usually also refers to an actual dispenser which distributes pills at prearranged times


I’ve yet to see a wholly negative review of LifeStation which is indicative of their top quality standards. Certainly from what I’ve seen their service is genuine, practical, affordable and transparent. Many people put their faith in this company and its devices, and for good reason. They’re frequently at the top end of many review lists, and while they don’t necessarily have all the features, they do provide one of the best services on the market with trained and professional staff.

On the yearly review rankings they’re listed as number three, which to many simply means that there are two other brands on the market which are better, but the reality is that people most often trust the voice on the other end of the telephone line, and LifeStation comes across as a friendly and welcoming company eager to aid you and lend twenty four hour support. Once you side with them you’ll be privy to a whole host of extra’s that one doesn’t usually receive from other companies like it, for example the special discounted offer of two dollars a month for the “Alert911 product code”, which certainly endorses their product further.

LifeStation is a confident company that truly believes in what they do, so much in fact that they encourage new customers to just ‘give them a try’, an effort that won’t cost much since you’re free to cancel the service at any time. A simple search will reveal a healthy amount of positive medical alarm systems reviews for the LifeStation brand with four to five star ratings aplenty; it’s an achievement that one can come to expect form a company with thirty four years of experience – with the echoed sentiment regarding them being: “top quality at an affordable price”.

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