Medical Alert Jewelry for Men

Sometimes, being a man is tough, especially when you are told that you need to wear jewelry just to keep safe. Well medical alert jewelry for men has come a long way from the days of bracelets and the like. These days, men have so many more options if they want to carry around an allergy alert.

For many men, the lack of options often leads to lack of interest. So if they have to wear a medical alert bracelet, they choose not to wear anything and figure they can take their chances with any emergency that comes along. However, bad things do happen, and in an emergency, being able to know if a person has allergies, injuries or significant family history is vital, since one misstep could equal disaster. In the long run, it is less of a burden to wear a small piece of jewelry than not having your medical information with you at all.

What Types of Medical Alert Jewelry for Men is Available?

If you like wearing men’s adornments, then you will be pleased to know that medical alert tags come in a variety of metals and designs, all perfectly suitable for men. For example, the bracelets that alert people of your allergies are not thin and delicate, but rather quite sturdy with large links. You can go for a thinner version that is no less masculine and that details your illness in sterling silver engraving. This is all done so in order to make the man who’s wearing it feel comfortable and therefore less likely to take it off.

If you like the idea of a bracelet, you can also get a black leather cuff which will have your ailments engraved on the inside; these are easy to slip on in the morning and slip off at night. Also impressive is the manufacturing of hemp medical jewelry which allows the wearer to choose all manner of colors and styles that suit them, all in an attractive cloth-based bracelet.

If bracelets are not really your bag, how about a watch strap? Though a rather unusual place to put medical alert information, it is nonetheless possible. Wearing your information on your watch means you get it engraved onto the watch back, or you get an additional tag added to the strap, all with the intention of giving emergency medical personnel information about what you need. This is a great idea for someone who is not all that fond of additional jewelry.

If you really hate the idea of wearing excessive jewelry, how about a simple tag that clips on to your existing jewelry? There are simple clip-on tags available that can be clipped on to a watch strap, a wallet, keys and the like and that will serve the same purpose as medical alert jewelry for men in an emergency. And the great thing about them is that they are not obvious, so not everyone has to know about your diabetes or food allergies.

If you prefer, you can also get a necklace that serves as a medical alert tag. This is simple and worn about the neck in the case of an emergency. In some cases, to keep the chain light, a medic alert tag will have only basic information on it including a phone number of an emergency contact. While this is not ideal, since it is vital to know your allergies upfront, it is nonetheless better than having nothing at all. Another option is to get a dog tag, as this allows ample room for engraving. If bought from the right supplier, this can be a perfect choice in terms of durability. Most of these dog tags will either have a medical caduceus symbol on the front, or the letters “ICE”, which is recognized by emergency medical technicians as In Case of Emergency.

In terms of jewelry, you have a lot of options available to you, since medical alert jewelry for men can be made out of many materials including:

  • Metals such as gold, silver, stainless steel, sterling silver and even platinum if you prefer.
  • Leather and other materials that last a long time and look good.
  • Cloth and hemp.

What you need to know about these materials is that they don’t last forever. While buying a gold tag is a good idea, because of its longevity, a leather strap will need to be replaced every few years, and a cloth strap even more often. When you make your decision about what jewelry you will buy, think of the costs involved long term. While gold lasts longer, for example, if you lose it, it will be extremely costly to replace.

If the idea of getting a tag appeals to you, now that you have one of two options, namely:

  • Get a large key ring tag: by getting a large tag that you can clip onto your key ring, you instantly alert anyone who needs information to what is happening to you and what they need to do about it. Of course, this means you will need to have the key ring with you at all times, which is a less than ideal situation.
  • Get a card in your wallet – many medical alert companies will be able to print you a stiff, laminated card which you can put into your wallet in case of emergency. This is a great way of giving people information about what you need in an emergency but like the key ring, you would have to have your wallet with you at all times. The great thing about these cards is that they can be made from a card fitted with a USB, which will hold all of your information as discussed below.

The important thing to remember that it is not so much about the jewelry as it is about the tag, so ensure that the tag you use is supplied by a verified provider. Since this market is booming, everyone is out to make a quick buck and they may sell you inferior products backed by inferior support. Be sure when you buy a tag or jewelry that the company is reputable and can deliver on their promises.

Are there Other Options Available?

Yes, there is. This market has seen a massive boom in the last few years, since men either choose to wear jewelry or go without. Now, there are many options available to those who prefer a smarter option, such as the medical alert USB. A USB or flash drive containing the patient’s vital information is built into a piece of jewelry, such as a leather strap or bracelet, and the man then wears this knowing that should an emergency occur, they will be taken care of and have their details available.

This is a very clever piece of new technology and allows men the option of not wearing medical alert jewelry for men that they do not like. The USB can be loaded with all kinds of vital information, including the person’s personal details, their allergies and illnesses, their emergency contacts and even their doctor’s name and number. This is vital in an emergency since the wrong treatment could do a lot of damage.

The great thing about wearing a USB is that computers are just about everywhere, including in hospitals and in EMT vehicles. This means that you can store so much more information than has been previously done on bracelets and necklaces and potentially, save a life.

The important thing to remember about medical alert jewelry for men is that you are not wearing it for reasons of vanity. You are wearing it because it may save your life in an emergency. Thus, if you choose not to wear it and the worst happens, you have no one to blame but yourself. It is best in these situations to put vanity aside and think more about your health than your looks.

At the end of the day, anyone with an illness, a disability or an allergy will tell you that what they want most is to live a normal life without having to worry about alerting all and sundry to the fact that something is wrong. This is why the manufacturers of medical alert jewelry for men have made it so much easier to wear medical alert tags, and to tell people what they need to know in an emergency.

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