Wearing a Medical Alert Pendant Could Save Your Life

Medical alert pendants are not just nice neck wear; they are jewelry with a purpose. They are the ideal solution for health protection and they have the full backing of most health and medical organizations. Medical alert jewelery has benefits that are wide-ranging, and should be worn by anyone who has had certain types of surgery, has a chronic or life-threatening medical condition, the elderly, the infirm, and many others besides. Patients with neurological disorders or other conditions which would make diagnosis difficult, especially when the patient is not conscious, should also wear medical alert pendants.

Medical alert pendants can also be worn by those who do not necessarily have life-threatening medical conditions, but wear contact lenses for instance, as this is also important information for emergency personnel to have, and the pendant will also serve as a form of identification in the event that the person is unconscious and cannot speak for themselves.

How do Medical Alert Pendants Work?

Medical alert pendants contain vital medical information that speaks for you when you are not in a state to do so. This is of particular importance when you are caught in an emergency situation in which you may lose consciousness and may have lost any form of identification. The medical alert jewelry will contain pertinent medical information regarding your condition, any allergies you may have, and contact information for your next-of-kin.

The fact that emergency personnel such as first responders, paramedics, nurses and doctors can access this vital, potentially life-saving information on-scene could very well be the difference between you living or dying on the scene. If your medical alert pendant is connected to an online medical registry such as MedicAlert or American Medical ID, the medical personnel can contact them via a hot line which is also engraved on the pendant to access more detailed medical information and contact details for your medical team and next-of-kin.

Some of the medical alert services also transmit medical records to the relevant hospital, thereby ensuring correct treatment; contact your family or caregiver to advise them of your whereabouts and ensure you are reunited with your loved ones; provide translation services in over 140 languages.

Who Should Wear Medical Alert Pendants?

Medical alert pendants should be worn by anyone seeking safety and peace of mind whilst being prepared for emergency situations that could occur at any stage during one’s life.

Individuals who should be wearing medical alert pendants include:

Individuals with an active lifestyle

As a sportsman with an active lifestyle, you will often be away from home, and the demands of your activities could result in injury or some other sort of medical emergency. Wearing a medic alert pendant could assist greatly as it will advise the medical response team of anything they need to be aware of regarding your health and also give contact details for your next-of-kin.

Individuals who travel frequently

As a frequent traveler you will be aware of the fact that accidents happen anywhere in the world, and it would be irresponsible not to ensure that you are covered should you end up with a medical emergency. Some of the medical alert companies that have online registers are well-equipped to lend a hand no matter where you are in the world, and offer add-on services over and above the basic medical information, including:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation – where it is necessary for you to be transported to another medical facility or back home
  • Medical Expense Advances – if you are being denied medical assistance until medical expenses are paid, when you guarantee repayment
  • Medical Monitoring – when the assistance center is advised of your medical emergency they will proceed with monitoring and relay information between the local medical personnel, you and your family.
  • Medical Referrals and Arrangement of Treatment – the contact center can provide contact information for and, if necessary, arrange treatment with doctors, hospitals, dentists and clinics in the area in which you are traveling.
  • Prescription Assistance – sometimes something happensMedical Alert Pendant which requires you to need a prescription or your spectacles break when on holiday and you have to get new ones. The contact center can assist you with prescriptions and shipping if necessary.

Other services could include emergency cash advances, emergency message relays, emergency travel, transport and accommodation arrangements, interpretation via telephone, visa, passport and Immunization Information, return of traveling companion, return of dependent children and much more besides.

Individuals with allergies

Many individuals have allergies, and an allergic reaction can happen anywhere and at any time, so it is important that you have the necessary information on you. Medical alert pendants are a good way of doing this. Allergies include reactions to certain types of food, chemical reactions, medications, environmental allergies such as allergies to animals, insects, dust, pollen or mold. In this type of emergency it is vital that the necessary information can be accessed immediately, and where better to have it when you cannot speak for yourself but on a pendant around your neck.

Individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia

Alzheimer’s disease attacks the brain and causes dementia, or a decline in mental abilities. It impairs the memory, thinking and day-to-day behavior. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease which affects 5.2 million Americans over 65 and as many as 200,000 under 65. Investing in a medical alert pendant for yourself or your loved one that has Alzheimer’s is critical, as it can cause one to get very confused and to get lost.

Medical alert pendants are critical pieces of jewelry as they can help those who get confused or lost by having their condition, identity and contact details of a caregiver or next of kin engraved onto them. These details would help emergency and medical personnel to return your loved one safely home and save them and yourself a lot of trauma.

Individuals who have a medical condition

Medical alert pendants should also be worn by individuals who have any of a number of medical conditions such as:

  • Autism – Pendants that are connected to an online registry include a live 24-hour emergency response service to assist those affected by autism spectrum disorders in a medical emergency.
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – A 24-hour emergency response service can provide individuals with COPD peace-of-mind by ensuring that their condition and medication is engraved on a medical alert pendant around their neck.
  • Diabetes – If you have diabetes, you will know that it is not an obvious disease, and if you get into an emergency where you cannot communicate, medical alert pendants ensure that emergency responders are aware of your condition and any medication that you are taking.
  • Heart Disease – Any individual at risk for heart disease, or who has had a heart attack, has a pacemaker or a stent implanted must wear a medical alert pendant. It is critical that your medications/treatments are relayed through a medical alert pendant in times of an emergency when you may not be conscious or unable to help yourself.
  • Mental Health – First responders are trained to recognize the needs of individuals living with mental illness. Wearing medical alert pendants ensures that individuals with mental illnesses receive proper treatment in emergencies.
  • Organ Recipients – Anyone who has had an organ transplant must wear a medical alert so that this can be taken into consideration in the case of an emergency.
  • Cancer Survivors – Cancer survivors who have had surgery or radiation treatment, as well as those who have had lymph glands removed must wear medical alert pendants, as they stand a chance of getting lymphedema if pressure is applied or they are injected in the limb on the side on which the operation took place. It is imperative that the first responders, paramedics or other medical or emergency personnel get this information immediately, before they start any form of emergency treatment.

Medical alert pendants come in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that you think will suit you best. They can be round, teardrop-shaped, heart-shaped or round with a braid, and they come in stainless steel, 10k gold filled, 14k gold, sterling silver, titanium, rhodium coated, and various other metals.

There are also various types of medical alert pendants. There is the usual type of pendant that is worn around the neck on a chain, then there are pendants that you can customize to suit your own style, which can include adding charms or diamonds or precious gems. There are also medical alert pendants that contain an alarm that can be pushed in the case of emergency, and those through which you can speak to and hear the person at the call center.

Before investing in a pendant, remember the reason for you wearing one and make sure that the pendant that you buy will do what you need it to do, which is to provide emergency personnel with immediate life-saving information. You could choose a pendant that is modern and made from the type of metal that you like, or which suits your lifestyle, or you could choose one that sparkles and shines, it doesn’t matter, but in reality the best medical alert pendants are those which are attached to an online registry.

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