Medical Alert Watches With Multiple Alert Features

Jewelry is mostly worn for fashion purposes, while other people may wear it for symbolic reasons, but it can also serve a more important function as well in that medical alert jewelry such as medical alert watches, sports bands, necklaces, bracelets and pendants alert medical professionals that a person has a particular medical problem. All these different medical alert devices are available as funky accessories and watches in particular are sought after for many reasons.

Today’s medical alert jewelry is lightweight, small, and user-friendly. The jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes and kids even have them tailored to the looks of their favorite toy characters. You can even register some of these devices with a monitoring agency so that someone is constantly aware when there is an emergency.

Functional and Attractive at the Same Time

These days medical jewelry is so attractive that people with medical problems are able to pick and choose between the different styles and colors and wear them to suit different occasions and the clothes they wear for them. There was a time when people used to be self-conscious about medical alert bracelets, first of all because they were very unattractive and essentially functional, they were one size fits all, they were only available as bracelets and they could not be disguised; everybody knew you had a medical problem. Today there is absolutely no excuse for not wearing one; they are all about variety, different styles, different colors, different materials, a variety of different prices and heaps of functions and features. Nobody would ever believe that you are wearing a piece of medical jewelry.

It is important that you feel good about the medical jewelry that you wear, and that is why a watch is one of the more popular choices, simply because the medical watches function a lot like ordinary watches and they look like your everyday favorite wristwatch. There is space where you can have your medical condition engraved. The water and shock resistant watches come with certain medical features and are programmed to trigger an alarm at the time your medication is due to be taken.

It’s Impossible to Forget Your Medication

If you don’t want an alarm going off, you can set it discreetly to vibrate as a reminder. The vibration will last for about 20 seconds or so, making it possible for the frail and those who are hard of hearing to respond. They also provide medics with all the information needed in an emergency. When you press the alert function, your medical condition will be displayed on the dial. Other information will include your name and contact details, your medical diagnosis, your allergies and your blood type. You can include any other information you think may be important because the watches can simply be programmed.

Even children can benefit from these watches. Whether you want them as a reminder for a child to use the toilet or you want them to be reminded of medication when they are at school, the vibrating multi-alarm watch will discreetly remind your child, and the other kids don’t need to know about it.

Accessories for Your Watch

The beauty of these medical alert watches and why people love wearing them is that they allow you to simply carry on with your day-to-day activities without having to constantly watch the time for your next dose of medicine. Cadex bring out a range of simple watches as well as more complex watches that are great because they can be used the elderly people and also by kids. Not only that, they also offer a range of different kinds of watch accessories. For instance they offer an entire pendant kit which is particularly popular with female patients; they offer colored straps for kids, leather straps and an emergency medical ID which can fit onto the strap of the watch.

You can also buy options for your watch band that identify your medical condition instantly. For instance if you feel that a medic may not be able to get the information from your watch quickly enough, you can attach a metal tag with the name of your ailment and which lets the medic know immediately about your condition.

Remember that kids also wear medical jewelry and their watches come with special pediatric bands in bright colors. Kids love the colorful rubber medical watches, and some want the medical symbol bold and on front. Another useful feature with kid’s watches is that there are some where you can voice program the alarm, which is a valuable feature if you have a tiny child with a medical condition, and when the alarm goes off, your voice will tell your child that it is time for medication.

How Are Medical Alert Watches and Other Medical Jewelry Made?

Designing medical jewelry requires creativity and skill, and many designers have achieved their associate or bachelor degree program in jewelry design at a jewelry design school where they have learned a range of techniques for creating functional and fashionable pieces. They learn how to do engraving, leather work, casting, wire work, and setting of stones. You can design your own medical alert watches if you like and decide on what type of lettering to include on your caduceus medical ID watch. For instance you can put your name, contact details, the name of your medical problem as well as the medication you are taking. Basically the information you include will depend on what you feel the medical professionals should know for times when you or anybody else will not be able to speak for yourself. Remember that you can use both sides of the jewelry to put all the information you need.

Is Medical Alert Jewelry Necessary?

It is your choice whether to wear medical alert jewelry or not, but anyone who is concerned for their health should. In emergency medical situations, the attending health professional has to provide lifesaving measures, and while most are safe, complications can set in. Your body, already on certain medications, may not be able to handle other medications or procedures, and taking drugs that you are allergic to can be life threatening.

How do You Recognize Medical Jewelry?

The medical alert jewelry always has a medical symbol in a prominent spot so that medical personnel don’t have to waste time searching for it The symbol is known as the Caduceus symbol, consisting of two snakes wrapped around a pole with wings above them, or it can be a red cross, or have the word ‘ALERT’ engraved on it.

Who Wears Medical Alert Jewelry?

Any man, woman or child who has food or medicine allergies or an ongoing medical condition will need to wear this jewelry. Just a few of the types of illnesses that require people to wear these bracelets are:

  • blood disorders
  • diabetes
  • blood thinners
  • breathing disorders
  • asthma
  • epilepsy
  • cerebral palsy
  • heart disease
  • insect, drug or food allergies
  • Alzheimer`s

If you have Alzheimer’s for instance, and you cannot remember when last you took medication, medical alert watches can be programmed with up to twelve medication reminders.

The beauty of medical watches is that they can be designed to suit your needs, and watchmakers have at their disposal a wide range of materials with their own unique characteristics. Some of them are made from sturdy plastic with soft rubber while others are made from high-grade stainless steel, gold, silver, gold-plated, platinum or titanium. The bottom line is that medical alert watches are available in an array of styles and it will be easy to find one that suits you, whether you are male, female, young or old. For additional medical information, you can buy a pendant and attach it to your watch. Some people prefer to wear their medical watches on their wrists while others prefer to wear it as a pendant so that it can be worn discretely under your clothing.


People always want to know the prices of medical alert watches, and the price will vary depending on the features. However, nobody can really complain that they cannot afford a medical alert watch, as some of the more basic ones which still deliver the message are priced at as low as $11.95. The price varies among medical alert watches depending upon the features you choose but you will probably pay around $ 300 for the more deluxe watches.


Medical alarm watches are fantastically useful for people under medication; and the life of medics are simplified too because all the information they need when attending to a patient, is literally at the fingertips. With the advancement of technology, the medical watches, with their wealth of information, plays a crucial role for people who need constant help with medical treatments as well as relaying important information about the medical problems some people have.

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