Synergy Home Care Review

Every Day there are thousands of individuals in America that suddenly need help to take care of a convalescing family member, or an elderly parent; sometimes they just need assistance in keeping up with their role of being a caregiver. Synergy HomeCare is a non-medical homecare agency which was founded in 1999 to provide personal and respite care, compassion and companionship for the elderly and those individuals who are recovering from childbirth, illness or surgery, as well as for disabled individuals.

Synergy HomeCare ensures that every one of their caregivers is as passionate about care-giving and has as deep a commitment to compassionate and attentive care as the company does. Every care-giver goes through a strict interview process, including a national background check and a home-care training program. Synergy HomeCare is committed to providing caring and compassionate assistance and the highest quality of non-medical home care services to clients of all ages, thereby helping them to retain their independence and dignity.

Synergy Home Care Range

Synergy HomeCare realizes that everyone has different needs and therefore offers a range of services which can be adapted to suit all needs. All of Synergy HomeCare’s private home health aides were family caregivers at one stage, so they understand exactly what homecare giving is all about. They understand that they are far more than just a stranger who is offering a helping hand, but are a compassionate presence, an “emotional” caregiver before being a physical one, and a loving, integral part of your family’s life.

The Synergy HomeCare range consists of a wide variety of services which range from basic household chores and errands, to non-medical personal care for short or long periods. The services are basically split into:

  1. Companionship Services – providing companionship and emotional care for seniors
  2. Personal Care Services – such as bathing and grooming assistance, medication reminders and mobility assistance
  3. Supplemental Homemaking Services – services such as light cleaning, which are generally provided in conjunction with companionship or personal care core services
  4. Skilled Nursing Care – although the majority of service provided by Synergy HomeCare are non-medical, skilled nursing services can also be provided
  5. Family Support/Respite Care – a most necessary service when caring for an elderly or disabled family member becomes too much for the family caregiver to handle alone

When first contacted, Synergy HomeCare will assess your needs and together with you will work out a plan that suits your individual situation and requirements, from the above services.

Synergy HomeCare Services

Synergy HomeCare will offer your aging parent, or incapacitated family member the best in emotional care and quality of life whilst allowing them to retain their dignity and independence for as long as possible. Companionship forms an integral part of their in-home caregiver services by providing not only someone who does the dishes or cleans up, but someone who can provide laughter, a sympathetic ear, conversation, and much more.

After using Synergy HomeCare for a while you will see that your loved one is cared for with the utmost respect, love, dignity and compassion, and will be able to continue with your other commitments without having to worry about the fact that they are not lovingly catered for or are unhappy because they are being left with a stranger; a Synergy HomeCare companion is not a stranger for very long, and you will all soon wonder how you ever did without them as part of your family.

Here is a partial list of services that are offered:

Companionship Services

Synergy HomeCare companions provide a better quality of life for the elderly by providing compassionate and emotional care in the form of:

  • Active Thinking Encouragement – In order to remain alert and cognizant, our elders need to remain engaged and stimulated, and the caregivers will encourage this by helping to structure pastimes, games and hobbies.
  • Friendly and Supportive Conversation – The elderly need someone with whom they can reminisce about their own personal stories, past life experiences, or their grandchildren, and Synergy’s in-home companion caregiver will be there for them every time.
  • Incidental Transportation – Incidental transportation is sometimes required when seniors need to get to doctor’s appointments, run errands or just to visit friends, and this is provided as part of the companionship services provided by Synergy HomeCare.
  • Light Exercise Encouragement – It is very important that seniors remain active and mobile in order to maintain their health, mobility, and independence. Synergy’s caregivers will encourage your elder to do some light regular exercise and will also encourage them to and accompany them on regular walks.
  • Light Gardening Assistance – Many seniors love to potter around in their gardens as it brings them much joy, and the caregivers can assist with this.
  • Meal Preparation Assistance and Motivation – Many seniors that live alone are either malnourished or undernourished sue to the fact that they are depressed, they do not eat a balanced diet, or their body does not want to absorb food. Synergy HomeCare companions will help with planning nourishing meals, assist with meal preparation, and monitor their food and fluid intake to ensure healthy nutrition.
  • Menu Planning Assistance – Assistance in the preparation of a well-balanced grocery list to ensure proper diet is very important to ensure the continued good health of the elderly, as is helping the elderly to do things like clip coupons, monitor food supplies, get rid of perishables that are old or spoiled, and finding the best deals. Companions will even go shopping with your parent or do the shopping for them.
  • Medication Reminders and Safety – The caregiver may not be able to administer medication, but they are very good at reminding their charges that it is time for them to take their medication, and can ensure that this is done so safely. This service is also good for safety as some elderly folks sometimes forget whether they have taken their medication or not and can easily mistakenly overdose because of this uncertainty.
  • Schedule Planning and Assistance – Synergy HomeCare in-home caregivers act as personal assistants to their charges, assisting them in setting and keeping medical and other appointments.
  • Social Activities Planning and Encouragement – In order to keep one’s mind active and maintain some independence, it is necessary to remain active, and the caregiver plays a big part in this by assisting to organize plan visits with family and friends, shopping sprees, visits to the theatre, and any other activities in which their client wishes to take part.
  • Standby Assistance With Morning and Evening Routines – Assistance with daily routines, encouragement and light assistance in getting in and out of bed and assistance with mobility is often necessary for the elderly in order to keep them living at home and independently for as long as possible.

Personal Care Services

Apart from the above-mentioned companion services, Synergy HomeCare also provides various personal care services which the aged or disabled person may need. These services include:

Core Personal Home Care Services:

  • Transfer Assistance – help with transferring those who are not completely mobile in and out of bed or in and out of a wheelchair.
  • Bathing and Shower Assistance – personal hygiene is one of the dignities that need to be maintained at all costs, and the caregiver can offer dignified assistance with every aspect of the process.
  • Help with Restroom Use – not being able to use the restroom is a highly sensitive situation for anyone, and the caregivers at Synergy HomeCare are trained to provide minimal to full assistance with the utmost professionalism, respect, and sensitivity to privacy.
  • Personal Appearance Care and Assistance with Dressing – feeling and looking good is important for your loved one, and the caregiver will help them to get dressed, arrange their hair, and perform any other personal appearance care tasks with which they require assistance.
  • Mealtime Feeding Assistance – many seniors lose weight unintentionally because they cannot feed themselves properly, and this is a concern which Synergy’s caregivers pay strict attention to by assisting with feeding, preparing meals and monitoring fluid and food consumption.

Apart from the above-mentioned core personal home care services, Synergy HomeCare also offers supplemental homemaking services such as Errand Services, Light Housekeeping, Complete Meal Preparation, Kitchen Cleaning and Organization, Bathroom Cleaning and Organization, Laundry and Ironing, and Linen Changing Services.

Other services that are offered by Synergy HomeCare include Skilled In-Home Nursing Care Services and Specialized Home Care Services such as Cancer Recovery Care, Caring for New Moms, Courtesy Care Services, Parkinson’s Care, and Stroke Rehabilitation at Home.

Respite Care Services and Support

This is another much-needed service offered by Synergy HomeCare. Being the primary caregiver for a family member can be very stressful and take its toll on one’s health if there is no respite. Respite Care is a necessity and not a luxury, although many people think that it is.

Respite Care Services and Support is a service whereby the family caregiver can take some time off to just relax a bit and distress, whether it is just for an afternoon or a longer period of time, with the assurance that their charge will be in the best care. You may just need some help in preparing a meal or someone to run an errand; Synergy HomeCare can and will help you with this problem.

How to Apply for Synergy HomeCare Services

Everyone’s situation is unique to them; there is therefore no “one price fits all” amount. It is best to contact Synergy HomeCare to do an assessment on your requirements and suggest what would best suit your needs.

There is a contact us form on the website which you can complete, or you can check the website to find your local Synergy HomeCare office.

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