The Best Medical Alert Smartphone Apps

This cellular age provides us with daily conveniences that could hardly be dreamed of years ago. One of the best things to come out in this new era is the smartphone. Everyone has a cellphone nowadays  And the best thing is that there are apps for everyone out there, even grandma.

In this age, even grandma has a smartphone. She might even be pretty handy with it. When you have an elderly loved one who knows their way around Words With Friends, you can get them another app that might be almost as useful: a medical alert app.

When you download your loved one a medical alert app, you are giving them the piece of mind that when they need assistance and no one is around, they will be able to get a help with just a couple steps.

How Apps Work

The first thing you have to do is download the app to your parents’ smartphones. There are a number of different of apps out there. Be sure to take your time to research them and read reviews to get the best app for you. Some apps will require you to sign up for a service, as well. Be sure to go through the decision making process with your parents. You want them to know the differences between the different apps and make the decision that they feel the most comfortable with. Then, go through the sign up process with them and give them the new user information. It should give you detailed information on how to use the app. Talk about who the contact numbers will be, if any. And make the decision as a team. Whatever you do, do not sign up for a medical alert app on your parents’ cellphone without them.

Most apps are used to detect falls. This is extremely important to remember. Inevitably, the phone will eventually fall off the nightstand because of the cat and the app will be activated. This means that the app will send notifications and messages that the owner can use to immediately turn off the app. Once they turn off the app, nothing else will happen. However, if no one deactivates the alarm, then a contact number will generally be reached.

Differences Between Medical Alert Apps

Different Medical Alert apps provide different things. One app service will call when your phone drops to make sure that you’re okay. Unfortunately, these can be quite troublesome in the case of the phone falling out of the owner’s hand. If it breaks, they may not be able to stop the service from calling the contact numbers or emergency services. This can be especially frustrating when the owner is sleeping.

Some apps ask you to go to the app to receive services. Will your parents know how to do this when the time comes? Be sure to explain the process to your parents. If you are not convinced that they will be able to complete the necessary steps when necessary, pick a different type of app.

Some apps require a one-time purchase. Some require a membership. Check which service you believes works the best for you. If you want more extensive coverage, you can find a company that can offer the app, but also a bracelet or other form of protection.

Advantages over other Methods

1. GPS Tracking

One of the best things about your Medical Alert app is that is uses GPS technology to easily locate someone in the case of an emergency. A fall can leave a loved one confused and disorientated. They may not be able to tell you exactly where they are. Or they may be in an unfamiliar place. The GPS allows an operator to quickly locate the person using the app and get medical help to them immediately.

2.Specialized Training

The people responding to the Medical Alert apps are trained professionals who specialize in helping the elderly. They know the things to look out for medically, and they know how to talk to the person calling in for help.

The people helping you are prepared for all possible scenarios. They know how to handle dementia. They know how to calm down someone who is frantic. They know how to help someone who can’t even talk due to a stroke.

3.No Clunky Jewelry

And, of course, one of the advantages: you don’t always have to wear that pesky bracelet or necklace. It can be unattractive and obvious. It’s much more modern to leave the bracelet at home and grab the cellphone instead. Just make sure it’s charged, and you’re good to go!

Teach Your Parents How to Use The App

It’s a good idea to go over how to use the app with your parents when you download it for them. You want to be confident that when they do need to use it, they will know exactly what to do. Cellphone, especially smart phones, are a relatively new technology, and some people, especially older people, are unfamiliar with how to use them.¬† They weren’t using computers and smart phones since they were nine like today’s kids.

Be Wary of Scams

You do not want to become another victim of fraud on your smartphone. Too many people sign up for a app without reading the fine print and end up with an extraordinarily high bill the next moth. Don’t get caught by the scam artists out there. Make sure you’re educated when you go to buy a medical alert app.

One of the best ways to avoid scams is to read reviews before you purchase the app. Are people talking about unexpected charges? Make sure you understand every possible fee and charge when you sign up. Look for monthly fees and fess for each time a particular feature is used. Also, make sure that the important features are not locked until paid for. You don’t want your loved ones to go to use the service only to get sent to the app store

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