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VitalCall was established in 1976, and 35 years later it is the most reliable provider of personal monitoring services and medical alert systems in Australia. VitalCall has been keeping Australians safe and independent their family home, retirement villages and aged care facilities for more than three decades and is still relied on by thousands of Australians.

VitalCall believe that our family and close friends are the most important part of our lives, and that it is their mission to help people to remain independent and living in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. To this end they provide a reliable 24/7 monitored medical alarm in the form of a pendant on which is a button that can be pressed to summon emergency help at any time.

Some of the reasons that VitalCall is so popular are the fact that they monitor the medical alarm systems 24/7 and guarantee a first call response; they are part of Chubb Fire & Security; they are a member of PERSA, the national organization for medical alarm systems; their response center is Australia-based; Medical alerts can be rented, and there are a number of payment options; they have a wide choice of medical alert alarm system unobtrusive, fully waterproof emergency pendants; they are a DVA approved supplier of medical alert alarms, and their products are easily installed in your home and easy to use.

Product Range

VitalCall provides two complete personal monitoring systems; the standard MK9 personal monitor and the more advanced PRU personal monitor.

Mark 9 Unit: Standard Personal Monitor System

The MK9 is the standard, easy-to-use VitalCall personal monitoring system. The unit fits into your regular existing power and telephone outlet and comes with a 40hr backup battery which has an estimated 5 year shelf life. The signal radius from the personal monitor base unit in open air unit is 80m.

The Mk 9 is available with either a wrist or neck emergency pendant; both are waterproof. The wrist pendant is on a leather bracelet and the neck pendant is on a cord which is made from low-irritant materials, for those with sensitive skins, and is designed according to Australian safety standards

The base unit has a sensitive microphone on the front and a loud speaker on the back. This means that you will have hands-free voice contact with the response centre whenever your emergency pendant or base unit is activated.

PRU: Personal Monitor Unit

The PRU works very similarly to the Mk 9 personal monitoring system and comes with a choice of a waterproof wrist or neck pendant. Both pendants have a range of 50 to 100 meters.

Additional features on the PRU unit are a 50 Hour backup battery; optional long range emergency pendant; Integration with the “Are you up?” for daily activity monitoring; 5 programmable daily reminders; Verbal time & temperature readings; and hands-free communication – you can make calls by dialing on the keypad, and answer calls with your pendant.

How VitalCall Works

VitalCall puts you in 24/7 direct voice-contact with the emergency response center when the button on the emergency pendant or base unit is pressed.

The VitalCall service consists of three components, namely:

  1. The emergency pendant
  2. The emergency system base unit
  3. VitalCall ‘s emergency response center

Product Features

1. Emergency Pendant:
The emergency pendant can be worn as either a wristband or a necklace, and should be worn at all times. It is waterproof so can be worn even when showering, bathing or swimming.

The pendant has a range of 100 meters from the base unit, depending on the layout of your home. When your local representative comes to your home to assess your needs they will demonstrate the pendant’s range in your specific home. The range of the pendant can be extended by another 50 metres should it be necessary for a bigger home.

2. Personal Emergency System Base Unit:
The minute you activate your system via either the pendant or the base unit, you will be in direct voice-contact with someone at the control centre, which is open 24/7, without needing to pick up the receiver.

The base-unit plugs into a standard telephone line and power outlet; it has a sensitive microphone located on the front of the unit and a loudspeaker on the back.

3. Personal Emergency Response Center:
The VitalCall National Response Center will answer your call the minute you activate your emergency pendant or base unit. The center will have all your details so will know who you are and where you are calling from.

The operator will also have your medical history on a computer screen in front of them as they speak to you, and once they have made contact with you they will proceed to:

  • Ascertain the reason for the call and take the appropriate action
  • Remain on the line with you until help arrives, if so required

If the operator cannot make voice contact with you they will:

  • Call your home telephone and attempt to get you on the line
  • Call an ambulance if they cannot make voice contact with you, and notify your emergency contacts of the situation

Monitored Versus Non-Monitored Personal Alarm Systems

VitalCall is a monitored service, which means that it is staffed by trained operators who monitor incoming calls and alarms 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This means that there will always be someone at hand with whom you can establish voice contact, to get you the assistance that you need in the case of an emergency.

A non-monitored service operates by several pre-programmed contact numbers being programmed into the machine. In the case of an emergency these numbers are dialed by rote; if a number is unavailable or the phone is off the machine will dial the next number on the list.

Additional Features and Accessories

VitalCall offers various personal alert system components, and add-on products:

Accessories for the MK9 Personal Monitor:

  • Standard wrist and neck emergency pendants – approximately 80-100m signal range in open air; battery lasts for about 5 years; neck cord compliant with Australian Standards.
  • Pressure Pads for easier alarm activation – perfect and recommended for those with mobility or dexterity problems. This is used with the blow switch which sends a shot of air down the blow switch to activate the alarm.
  • Distress Alarm Blow Switch – offers hands-free activation for those with mobility or dexterity problems; battery operated; can be mounted in various places for ease-of-use.

Accessories for the PRU Personal Monitor:

  • Standard neck, wrist and brooch emergency pendants – about 80-100m activation range; battery life approximately 5 years; 100% waterproof.
  • Wall Mounted Pendant – easy for you to get help where it is most commonly needed, such as in the shower, next to the bed, in the toilet; specially designed Perspex cover; HELP circle printed in red to show where to press; easily attached to wall; battery life estimated at 5 years; 80-100m signal range in open air; dimensions: 54.5H x 41.5W x 18D mm
  • Long-Range Pendant – for larger properties; 200-300m signal range in open-air; flexible silicone neck cord features pluggable safety-release; water resistant, but not waterproof
  • Easy Press Pendant with an Arthritic Sleeve – perfect for individuals with arthritis or low dexterity; housed in a sleeve with HELP printed in red; arthritic sleeves fits both the standard brooch and neck pendants, and can be removed and refitted as required
  • Universal Transmitter activation aid – makes it even easier to activate your personal emergency device when help is needed; activated by placing your hand on the top surface; warning buzzer and pre-set delay to reduce false activations
  • Jellybean Switch for tactile activation – used with the universal transmitter; tactile activation surface with auditory feedback; switch activates the universal transmitter and sends the activation signal to the PRU base unit; tactile and audible feedback; alarm will activate no matter where the device is pressed; 2 meter (6ft) cord and 3.5 mm (1/8in) mono-plug; tops can be removed and replaced; choice of 4 colors – red, blue, yellow, or green
  • Local Disconnect Device for dual telephone lines – ideal if you have more than one phone line in use; if you activate your VitalCall unit when one line is in use the local disconnect device allows the VitalCall unit to take priority of the phone line for outgoing calls only, to dial through to the VitalCall Response Centre; comes with standard 616 outlet telephone connectors; the 616 adapters can be removed and an RJ11 attached if you have a RJ11 phone outlet

VitalCall also offers other options such as a lockbox, which is like a mini safe installed on an outside wall to provide secure access to a key outside your home. VitalCall is part of the Chubb Fire & Security family, and Chubb can provide you with security advice on how best to secure your home, and a range of easy to use intruder alarms with back to base monitoring


In order to install the VitalCall service you need an active telephone line with no call restrictions. Once you place your request for a free in-home demonstration or installation, you will be contacted by your local VitalCall representative within 2 business days to arrange an appropriate time to meet.

The person who will be using the VitalCall service must be there on the day so that the representative can explain how the equipment is to be used and answer any questions.


VitalCall is part of the Chubb Fire & Security group and is backed by the strength and experience of a 190 year old company. The response center is company-owned, and Australian-based. VitalCall carries the respect, trust, and recommendations of in excess of 200,000 Australians and 2,000 healthcare professionals.


Fees are according to specific requirements; call VitalCall on 1300 360 808 for an assessment and quote. There is a one-off establishment fee which covers the initial set up of your service and your account in VitalCall’s systems. Once established, an ongoing monitoring fee covers access to the 24/7 emergency response center, and the cost of servicing the equipment should any faults occur.

You may be able to get your VitalCall service through DVA; in order to do this you will need to visit your local Doctor or GP and have a D904 form completed. If you are approved by DVA for the VitalCall service, DVA will notify VitalCall in writing and VitalCall will arrange for a local representative to make an appointment time with you for the installation.

Payment can be made on the day of installation by check, money order, credit card or via Direct Debit.

Customer Services

VitalCall has a local representative throughout Australia, and you can find your local representative by visiting VitalCall’s professional & caring local representatives page on their website.

VitalCall representatives will come to your home to demonstrate, install or check on your personal alarm device, although it may take a bit longer if you live in a remote area.

How to Order

Contact VitalCall on 1300 360 808 for a free home visit, demonstration, an assessment and a quote or visit their website and complete a “contact us” form. Your local representative will contact you within 48 hours of your inquiry to arrange a date for a no-obligation demonstration.

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